Top 10 Most Followed Cameroonian Celebrities on Social Media 2023

Influencers have a huge role to play in Marketing Campaigns of Companies. One of the source of income of Celebrities is by signing endorsement deals, running a promotion campaign for a Brand in exchange for Monetary Compensation. Even-though there are arguments that social media following can be bought, on the other hand a huge social media following is one of the factors Brands check before indulging in any endorsement conversations with celebrities. Do you have a fanbase ? are your numbers big enough to influence public Opinion ? What is your personality, are you a public voice ?.  In This article we will take a deep dive into the Most followed Cameroonian Celebrities and Super stars on Social Media. The Measurement rod for this statistics will be the following on 3 of the biggest social media platforms of the world Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Ranked from Top to Bottom below are the Top 10 Most Followed Cameroonian Celebrities on Social Media 2023.

10 – Muriel Blanche – Actress/Singer/Brand Influencer

Muriel Blanche is a Cameroonian Influencer, actress and part time singer. She is the acting CEO of  brands @najal_thebeauty_box @najal_entertainment.

She rose to stardom by acting in one of Cameroon’s most popular web series of all time Called Pagne where they acted relatable content and replicated a lot of day to day happenings in

Total  Following Statistics : 3.4M

Facebook: 1,5M ,

Instagram: 1,9M

Twitter : 5253,

Website :

Actress, singer, model and brand influencer Leumeni Kamcheu Muriel known popularly as Muriel Blanche is the 10 most followed Cameroonian celebrity on social media in 2023 with 3.2 million followers across platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She was born on August 25 1990 in the West Region of Cameroon precisely from Bandja. Muriel Blanche rose to fame in 2017 in web series Pakgne where she played the role alongside fellow actress Marcelle Kuetche. She has won multiple awards and featured in over 5 movies. Muriel Blanche currently has 6 songs in her discography and her clothing line and beauty saloon is alive and kicking. As a humanitarian, Muriel Blanche on her 31st birthday decided to send 10 orphan children to school. She is loved by many as her sexy body also attracts both men and women on her social media platforms daily.

9 – Charlotte Dipanda – Singer

Total  Following Statistics : 3.65M

Facebook : 3.2M, 

Instagram: 455K,

Twitter: 11.9k

A talented singer, songwriter and musician with 5 studio albums. Tell us why she won’t be followed by 3.65 million people across her social media platforms? 37 year old multi award winning musician Charlotte Dipanda is the 9th most followed Cameroonian celebrity on social media in 2023. Apart from her music, her decency and beautiful smile draws many fans and followers on her social media on a daily basis. Her popular song “Coucou” is described as one of the most played song in weddings when the couples want to have their first dance. She is engaged to Mixed Martial Artist and Trainer Fernand Lopez.

8) Tenor – Rapper

Total  Following Statistics : 4M

Instagram : 1.5M,

Facebook : 2.5M,

Twitter : 39K,

Take a look at it like this, for someone who could make Cameroon’s first lady Chantal Biya and other ministers and the representatives of the president of Cameroon dance to his popular hit song “Do Le Dab” at the Canal D’or Awards of 2017. He or she should have a huge audience on social media right? Well that’s Tenor for you. Cameroonian rapper Tenor is the 8th most followed Cameroonian celebrity on social media. His two EPs Nnom Ngui and Mother Earth as well as his multiple collaborations have gained him many fans across the universe.

7)  Nathalie Koah – Actress/Brand Influencer/Entrepreneur

Total  Following Statistics : 4M

Instagram: 2.2M,

FacebooK: 1.8M,


Cameroonian influencer, flight attendant, entrepreneur and reality TV star Nathalie Koah rose to prominence in 2014 when the media began to take interest in her after her relationship with four time African player of the year Samuel Eto’o. Her relationship with the footballer gave her a lot of fame and her social media followers blew up. Her nude photos also break the internet same year and it contributed massively to her being famous. In 2016, Nathalie Koah published her book titled “Revenge Porn” a story on love, football, sex and money which described her relationship with the footballer. Her acting career sees her as one of the cast of the reality TV series Les Lifeuses broadcasted on Live TV. Her interest in fashion and beauty also played a great role in boosting her social media followership.  She is currently the 7th most followed Cameroonian celebrity on social media

6) Coco Emilia – Actress/Brand Influencer/Entrepreneur

Coco Emilia is a beauty influencer and acting CEO of brand Eyliam a cosmetic Brand that takes care of …

Total  Following Statistics :4.29M

Instagram: 3.3M

Facebook : 919k,

Twitter :2280,


Cameroonian socialite and influencer Coco Emilia aka Biscuite de Mer is so popular, her wedding was broadcasted on popular TV channel Canal+. She gained prominence following her trips and relationships with famous persons such as David Eto’o, Emmanuel Adebayor, Samuel Eto’o and DJ Arafat of blessed memory. Her nickname Coco Emilia was given to her by the Ivorian artiste Arafat DJ. Coco Emilia has been the face of popular brand such as Luc Belaire in 2018, Bold Makeup in 2016 and cosmetics brand Belle Nubian Skincare in 2021. Her acting career saw her as one of the main characters of African reality TV series known as Les Lifeuses alongside fellow compatriot and ex rival Nathalie Koah. Their rivalry also contributed to their popularity over the years. She stands on the 6th spot of our Top 1o Most Followed Cameroonian Celebrities on Social Media 2023.

5) TayC – Singer

Total  Following Statistics: 4.9M

Instagram : 2.1M

Facebook :2.8M

Twitter :

Cameroonian singer Julien Franck Bouadjie Kamgang popularly known as Tayc is a singer and songwriter known for his 2020 hit song “N’y Pense Plus” with a catchy chorus that drew everyone’s attention to the singer’s talent. As Tayc’s music revolves around women, love and relationships and this has contributed to his growing fan base and social media followership over the years. Each time we hear Tayc sing, the singer wnts to express the worries of people in heartbreak, betrayal and excess love. The singer has 4.9 Million followers across the scoail media platforms Facebook. Instagram and twitter. He stand at No.5 on our Top 10 Most Followed Cameroonian Celebrities on Social Media 2023.

4 ) Daphne – Singer

Total  Following Statistics: 5.7M

Facebook: 2.1M,

Instagram: 3.6M

Twitter : 33.2K

Daphne Efundem Njie popularly known by her stage name Daphne holds the 4th position as the most followed Cameroonian celebrity in 2023. Take out sports, and she becomes the most followed Cameroonian celebrity as she currently holds the record as the most followed Cameroonian artiste  with a total of 6.882M followers across facebook, Instagram and twitter. Daphne rose to fame when she released her popular song “Calee” in 2017 under the label Stevens Music Entertainment. Her sexy body has attracted many young men on her social media thereby contributing to her followership over the years. Daphne in 2020 shared her rape story. She recounted that she was raped at the age of 10 by someone she does not remember. This motivated her to create her non-profit organization “Be Woman By Daphne” a mental and physical aid for sexually abused girls. These contributed massively to her social media following in the last 3 years.

3 ) Francis Ngannou  Martial Arts Fighter/Boxer/Former UFC Champion.

Total  Following Statistics : 6.882M

Instagram : 4.4M,

Facebook : 1.6M,

Twitter : 882K ,

What made you think someone who beats people for a living will not have as many followers as they should? Of course that answers to why Cameroonian martial arts fighter Francis Ngannou is No. 3 on our Top 10 Most Followed Cameroonian Celebrities on Social Media 2023. Francis Zavier  Ngannou is a Cameroonian-French mixed martial arts fighter who was the UFC’s reigning Heavyweight Champion at the time of his departure. He is known for winning most of his fight by knocking out his opponents. Ngannous’s inspirational story of how he moved from his homeland Batie, Cameroon to France via the border is one that has touched many souls. He was equally the first African to hold the UFC Heavyweight titled after defeating Stipe Miocic in 2021. Ngannou’s performance in the UFC and popularity earned him a cameo appearance as a ferocious professional in Hollywood movie Fast & Furious 9, he equally made another appearance in the movie Jackass Forever in 2022. Ngannou’s UFC heavyweight titled was stripped off on January 14, 2023 when the UFC and himself could not come to terms on a new contract. Since his departure, the predator has decided to venture into boxing

2 ) Joel Embiid – Basketballer

Total  Following Statistics : 9.43M

Facebook : 843K,

Instagram : 6.5M,

Twitter :2.1M

Cameroonian professional basketball player Joel Hans Embiid is the second most followed Cameroonian celebrity on social media in 2023 with a total of 22.3 Million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Joel currently pays for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 28 year old Embiid was born in Yaounde, Cameroon and by the age of 16, he was discovered at a basketball camp by b, a fellow Cameroonian basketballer Luc Mbah a Moute who took him to the United States where he devoted himself to become a professional basketball player. He is No.2 on our Top 10 Most Followed Cameroonian Celebrities on Social Media 2023.

1 ) Samuel Eto’o –  Football Legend, Now Cameroon FA president (FECAFOOT)

Total  Following Statistics :  22.3M

Instagram: 6.4M 

Facebook : 14M

Twitter : 1.9M

Oh! your’re from Cameroon? The country of Samuel Eto’o!” This is one of the most heard phrases by many Cameroonians in in the diaspora when they come across a foreigner and tell them they’re from Cameroon. That’s how popular and widely known the four time African Footballer of the year Samuel Eto’o is. Eto’o’s football journey saw him play and win fans in Europe’s big clubs such as Real Madrid to Leganes, Espanyol, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Anzhi Makhachkala where he became the highest paid player with a whopping 20 Million Euro annual salary (after taxes), he later moved to Chelsea, Everton, Sampdoria, Antalyaspor, Konyaspor and Qatar SC. These great football clubs had a great role to play in the legend’s social media followership making him the most followed Cameroonian celebrity on social media. Currently the president of Cameroon’s Football Federation FECAFOOT, drew in a wave of new followers who played a great role in skyrocketing Samuel Eto’o’s followership on social media. His philanthropic and humanitarian actions through his Fundacion Privada Samuel Eto’o  touched the hearts of many, thereby spreading his social media reach across many nations. Samuel Eto’o has held this number 1 spot for so many years now.

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