The Cameroon music industry is one of the fastest growing industry’s in Africa, currently churning out stars to the African market on a regular. Even with  the lack of investors, government support  a couple  of artists have been able to still stand out  which is enough proof that the country is super stacked with talents. Now due to lack of sponsorship deals and investors artists are having a hard time surviving as solo/Independent artists.  But still yet even in the drought of money, few of the existing Record labels have taken upon themselves as a right to grow talent. Stevens Music Entertainment one of cameroon’s most promising labels have proven above all odds to be a Super star manufacturing label. But now the question is how many people actually acknowledge their effort? ….lets take it one step at a time.

For the records “A super star is defined as a term used to refer to a celebrity who has great popular appeal and is widely known, prominent, or successful in some field. “.

After some research i nicknamed the label “THE Quiet Storm “. In an industry which is made up of more facebook celebrities than real super stars, it was only right and necesary that we filter out the best from the rest.

Stevens set the ball rolling some years back  when  Stevens took Gasha from the ground level to the super star which she was/ (is ). Her career under Stevens, saw more sunny days than rainy days. Gasha was the most talked about female celebrity some years back, i’m afraid its not the case today. Eventhough things might have gotten sour between the two, Stevens still has their full credit for nuturing the Artists Career.

When Gasha Left, Many thought it was the end of the label, but still yet they stood the test of time. They were back to zero hunting and scouting for new talent. Just like one would never expect, they found a new candidate Daphne’. Stevens was faced yet again with another tough task, making her a super star with just her raw talent. Today Daphne is the most booked female urban artists, having shows almost on a weekly basis and also one of the most talked about if not the most talked about. For an artists to succeed especially from the ground level, it takes a good label, good team, good manager to survive. Now, Who gets the Credit for all of these ? Let me answer for you STEPHENS

Need i say more? yes i think i should. They have proven to have made the most out of nothing. They have proven to fully understand the urban market and the music business.

As if it’s not enough they have new and very young super stars in the making….Mpro who just recently made headlines with his Showbiz single and also Shura who has a beautiful voice and is showing signs to follow in Daphne’s foot steps.

If there is  a label that has understood the music Business in cameroon it is Stevens. Do you need counselling ? Ask them..they have the KEYS , and what ever magic they are using they should hold it tight because it will only get better.

IF  you know of any other label in the country manufacturing super stars from the ground level just like SteVens  Kindly leave a comment below.