The Canal d’Or officiel. Awards was held yesterday and turned out to be a memorable event for most of our celebrities. This award show awarded the work, sacrifice and consistency of numerous Cameroonian entertainers for the past 2 years .
The event was hosted by Joan Ngomba and saw numerous icons like Samuel Eto’o , Zunonbook_offociel appear for this event , we even saw the surprise appearance of Tenor .
There were numerous musical performances like that of Kameni , Aveiro DJESS but what amazed the audience was MIMIE and LOCKO ‘s amazing performance of the song “Faya” which they did LIVE . you could feel her powerful vocals ,stage presence and choreography which ended with her receiving a wonderful round of applause .
As for the winners of this event , it went down as follows:
Indira Baboke – Best Gospel/Gospel Group
Locko – Best Male Artist
Coco Argentée – Best Female Artist
Tenor – Best Afro- Urban Male Artist
Aveiro Djess ( Le Nyama ) – Best Popular Song
Mimie – Best Afro – Urban Female Artist
Antonio Carl – Best Public Artist
Nikechuè – Best Actress in a Web Series
Les Delire de Takam – Best Web Series
Ulrich Takam – Best Digital Performance for Comedy
Darina victry – Best Digital Performance for Music
Madame Monsieur – Best TV Series
Rigobert Tamwa Eshu Officiel – Best Comedian in a TV Series
Fingon Tralala Officiel – Best Comedian
Fingon Tralala Officiel – Best Actor in a Web Series
EMI Bassong – Best Female Comedian in a TV Series
Fally Ipupa – Best Afrique Francophone Artist
Yemi Alade – Best Afrique Anglophone Artist
-Happy d’Effoulan – Revelation of the year
Witty minstrel art – Best Folklore Artist
Kang Quintus , Sam Fan Thomas and Magic System– Special Awards
So There you have it, the full list of winners from the Canal D’or Act 13 Awards
Did your favorite artist/actor win anything ? Which artist/actor do you think deserves/doesn’t deserve to win this award ?
Share your thoughts below