US  based Camerooonian rapper Ebako released his third mixtape titled CamericanIdol3 some few weeks back and the multi-cultured mix-tape   offers  20 tracks, laced with  featurings from three of Cameroon’s most prolific rappers(Stanley Enow, Mic Monsta & Ko-c), as well as other US based rappers .Songs talking about  life style,originality and origin in eccentric trap tunes would leave you bobbing your head and vining to the beat all day. Stanley Enow,the Motherland Empire star boy proved his game still on  point with his feature  on the the banger  “Guap”(first track on the mix-tape). Now 237Showbiz being good at what they do noticed the beat used by Ebako on GUAP was STOLEN. In music if you use someone’s beat without credit its called THEFT, the beat on GUAP is thesame beat used by Future on the track I’m so Groovy found  on his FUTURE album. Production credit for all other tracks in the mixtape was given to the respective producers except Guap does that ring a bell?  Nevertheless , Ebako has some explaining to do because this is theft. Have a listen at the 2 tracks below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

  1. Im so groovy -Future


2) Ebako – Guap ft Stanley Enow

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