Controversy sells and it seems like NEILLEX has tapped in that age long concept in the rap culture. Just when we thought we had enough of the cheesy and boring facebook arguments and rants. A rapper in the name of NEILLEX actually mans up and throws another log in the fire. The Douala based  rapper’s diss track titled A letter To Jovi, has been making waves in most Whats App groups  in the country. It just couldn’t end there, it was high time he didn’t end as a  WhatsApp celebrity,  it was high time it hit the Internet and let the fans weigh the bar delivery and see if its Dope or Not.  NEILLEX’s Diss track is  a subliminal message to NewBell Music’s Boss Jovi. The track is a heavyweight bar studded track and is far from the ordinary amateurish Chit-Chats we see on a regular.

NEILLEX takes it back to the Old School Days, as he Spits hurtful punches pulling out lines aimed at the New Bell Music Boss such as:

Next time we meetup i go slap you, you comparing your self with stanley enow are you stupid? you stand next to him you dey like, watchnight you pussy”.

“you signed a couple of artists but couldnt pay their bills, now they left your sorry ass like a bitch ass nigga. you never had a true friend you’re a snitch ass nigga.”

“You’re a greedy CEO, yeah you made some cash,but couldnt share with your artists so they left your ass”

“3 albums on the row with no Platnum tracks”…..and the punchlines keep coming.

I could go on and on, but i guess it’s more safe for you to put on a bullet proof before listening to this, because he went in hard.  Now the Question is Will Jovi Clapback? Everyone know’s you dont mess with Camer’s Raplord and go scott free, his personality and respect means a lot so it is safe to say JOVI might Clapback, but yet again being Quiet means he conceded deafeat. This beef coming from an upcoming artist, is like that blind shot you never see coming. Without any Bias NEILLEX’s Delivery is bar studded and a very impressive attempt at making the New Bell Music want to Clap back.The Ball is now on Jovi’s  court, make your shot count.

Listen, Download and share your thoughts below.

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