Daphne is signed to Steven’s Music Entertainment LLC.
About Steven’s:
At Steven’s, we believe the following to be true: music is more precious than Gold. Our mission is simple: To bring the African experience to the world through music. We are dedicated to providing our artists with the best platform to maximize their talents and full exposure to the world.

Our logo is the “Cassette” which symbolizes for us the musical era we grew up in (80’s and 90’s), when music was at its peak and easily accessible by most. We were born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s. We believe the 80’s and 90’s produced some of the best musicians and records the world has ever known and our nostalgia has led us to creating a record label that will capture music in its essence like we came to know it back then

At Steven’s we are going back to the days when music had more soul , more meaning, more rhythm, less noise, less chaos. We bring you music “…to relax your mind so you can be free…to get you in the zone wishing music can adopt you”( Eric Sermon). We are local with international flair. We will tell stories through music and bring the world closer to the African experience. We are winding back the clock to give you MUSIC RELOADED!

Daphne’s Bio:
Daphne (Njie Efundem Daphne) was born on 20th September 1989 in Buea and grew up in the beautiful coastal city Douala, Cameroon. She is presently a student in the University of Buea, Cameroon, studying Psychology and Law. She’s loved singing ever since she was a kid and grew up singing in her church choir. Daphne grew up as a tomboy and music was her best friend. Her passion for music grew further when she went to secondary school and she will often use music to escape from difficult times. While at the university she started visiting studios and doing backups for other artists. Music being her first love, she seized the opportunity to start recording. She did her first records in 2013 and has continued to build a solid pool of exceptional records to be released soon. Her greatest inspiration so far has been God and her mother. Daphne is also inspired by her experiences and her culture, leading to a style of music that blends Pop, Afro-pop music, Afrobeat, reggae, makossa, Hip Hop and urban music in general. “I listen to all types of music, gospel and circular… gospel artistes like Cece Winnas, Mary Mary and frank Edwards, and circular artistes like Bebe manga, Tiwa savage and Rihanna”; says Daphne. She simple and playful and she hold dear the moral values of her up bringing. Family is everything to her. When Daphne is not singing, she is dancing, acting and of course shopping. “I believe in God, I believe in working hard for what I really want, I believe in the people around me and I believe in myself”.

Album: Here to stay (The Eye (feat. Crispy & Flames), Kumba Water , Mothers Love, Famla , Madingwa, Groove(Saka), Allez ft Featurist, I Do, Sunshine, Gunshot, Ovasabi ft Mpro, Haters, Shubidu(Dark Angel), Ya song,  Reflection, Broken, Ndolo, Rastafari)

Other songs: Calee , Ndollo ft Ben decca, No way by Numerica,