My Music TV, My Movies TV are two brand new TV channels with barely about three months old. These new platforms with the My Music TV which airs 70% of Cameroonian music is the brilliant idea of Africa’s Best Actor at the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana Alenne Menget Ats.

My Music TV is Cameroon’s own Trace TV and MTV Base combined. We, us, you have to join hands and push these platforms to the top.

To get these platforms available in your screens is pretty simple. All you need to do is contact your cable TV provider and give them these information. They will be able to connect and bring you these images for free to your screens. ”Frequency :11062 MHZ Symbol Rate : 8.333 MBS Polarization : Vertical Satellite : ABS 3A (3deg W)

In that note, we call on stakeholders in the entertainment industry. Artists, PRs, Managers and record labels, you simply need to contact them via their Facebook page or call/WhatsApp 672578179 to get your videos on My Music TV free off charge. Videos should be in HD as that’s seems to be the sole criteria for it to be aired.

As you read us, thousands of viewers are already getting themselves entertained by the exclusive My Music TV. You surely are missing out. Get yourself connected and enjoy Cameroonian music at its peak!!

Below is how the channel looks like!

Apart from My Music, the brains, BT Media will be showcasing Cameroonian movies like never before. With My Movie TV, Cameroonian movies won’t be hard to pop up on your TV screens.

Media house : BT MEDIA
Number of Countries covered : 49 African countries

Sat : ABS-3A (3deg W)
Freq: 11062 MHZ
Sym : 8.333 MBS
Pol : Vertical

Provide the information above to your local cable TV dealer and get connected.

Victor Kange