Without any doubt Cameroon has got one of the Best artists on the African continent and we all know you all have been waiting to see Cameroon’s best artists of the year 2016, so it is just right that we give you proper statistics of  the people who have been topping the list/charts following their performances this year. Well, we bring to you today what you’ve been waiting for. NOTE: The criteria we used in this rating are as follows:
=>The total number of hit songs artists released from November 2015 to November 2016, please be aware we consider a hit song as a song with much downloads, with some quite popularity in the country, You Tube video views and more.
=> We also used artists performance when it comes to huge events they performed at, shows, concerts, album release, and international tours, their award nominations and wins. This is arguably the most competitive list yet, particularly the Top 5. It really could’ve gone either way.

10. Tenor


Tenor is currently one of the most consistent rappers in Cameroon. He has been able to stick only to rap and   rapidly grown his fanbase at a very young age. At this rate, he will definitely be a huge asset to the Cameroonian music industry in a few years to come. He steamed up the atmosphere after the release of his single Do le Dab mid 2016, the reviews got him top play on most radio stations and tv. Do le Dab has been making rounds on almost every cameroonian dj’s playlist, the very catchy video directed by Nkeng stephens has been 1st for a long time on the country’s number one music channel Boom Tv. In 2016 Tenor has been very active, he also did a remix to Mink’s Le Gar est Laid , and called it La fille la est laid. His remix was loved due to the great humor he brings when spitting out punches.  Tenor is one of the best in 2016, with him we know the future is bright.

9. Daphne

Daphne is  one of the most loved female musicians in Cameroon right now. She  has been perfectly branded by her label to the super star which she is now. The damsel won Best female central africa  at the AFRIMMA  2016 in the USA. Her album Here to stay released mid 2016 was an album rich of classics and c0llabo’s. Her Collabo’s this year with artists such as Ben Decca(Ndolo), No way (ft Numerica)  and   Better Boyfriend (ft Ambe) all made her career outstanding and kept her relevant on the charts. Daphne has been on many international shows  this year , she also trended so well on the social media in 2016 and therefore earns spot 9.

8. Stanley Enow


The motherland Empire rapper made buzz with his single Bounce featuring SA rapper AKA and Locko. He also did Yours ft Ice prince released in january 2016. The song gained top spots on Trace Urban, Trace Africa and also gained massive airplay on most media platforms. Bounce is one of the finest releases from 237 this year. His latest release Follow Me is  so not relative to the usual style of rap we’ve come to know but the promo strategy of dance videos is making  the song survive up on the music charts. The song was received with critical acclaim becoming his breakout single to be housed later on his Afroseries album to be released soon. Stanley in 2016 allthough with zero nomination for the MTV awards, fortunately coped an award for Best Hip Hop at Afrima3.0 and Green Light Awards. His music releases this year made him relevant enough to get a spot on the top 10 best in 2016.


7.  Minks


Young and talented rapper Mink’s has had a great 2016. It started off with his viral single Le gars La est laid and then later on to the release of his album Traches2Vie. After Et p8 koi by Jovi, Le Gars la est laid is in line as the most remixed song to ever hit the Cameroon music industry. Using his sense of humor he is able to relate to  very common things, which makes his music lovable by both the old and the young. Minks has a great career ahead and merits spot 7


6. Magasco


The Bamenda boy just won’t relent. He has remained relevant since he came into the industry way back around 2008. The star RnB artist signed to Cameroon’s budding label Empire rocked the music industry this year with some hit singles, His song Wule bang bang is one of the most digitally downloaded songs in Cameroon this year and also one of the songs that blew all aroud africa like a charm. With also songs like All VIP and Belinda the artist was able to back up his consistency. Wule bang bang opened a lot of doors for the Bamenda boy, from numerous shows to a couple of collabos in the pipeline. With all of these Magasco has been concluded the no.6 best musician in Cameroon 2016.

5. Locko


Locko has been having an outstanding  year in his career. Award shows such as Afrimma couldnt even dare to snob  his talent, reason why he was nominated for Best New Comer 2016.  His hit song Ndutu has been one of the common songs which an average cameroon would know, Locko ‘s talent is not questionable anymore it is raw. He started off from doing youtube covers to now a super star. Locko can just murmur on an afrobeat and Bingo you get a hitsong.  Ndutu gained massive airplay on radio stations, tv stations and also was featured on most cameroonian blogs/websites.  He has backed up his stay on the music charts with sawa romance and now supporter…with a couple of featurings to his name . He definitely merits number 5 best musician of 2016.


4. Mr Leo


The Alpha Better Record’s Leading artist is a constant hit maker. Mr Leo‘s  On Va Gerer  song is one of the most popular songs from cameroon, it’s also been revealed the song is one of the most subscribed for caller tunes this year on the MTNZIk. Mr Leo after impressed fans as well  with singles Kemayo and now trending Jamais Jamais with a  few collabos with Rythmz(Madame tout le monde), Locko (supporter) and getting the best of positive reviews on his songs this year. Leo for sure  is  a man whom many cant wait to see what his career will look like Next year, he therefore occupies  spot number4  for best musician of 2016.


3. Reniss

Reniss Aka RERE backed by popular demand has been rated to be the best female musician of the year, the young lady can be definitely lauded she’s done a good job this year 2016. Reniss  released her album titled Tendon late in October and her label has successfully branded her to a super star coping six figures into her bank account almost on a weekly basis. La sauce turned her life to a milky one, she has successfully been booked for shows in countries such as Togo, Gabon  and also  at home. Although award less, it can be blamed on the *laissez fait* attitude her team gives towards Award shows. In 2016, Reniss did not only impress fans with La sauce, she expressed her soft side with Dashiki and also Pilon, she deserves this spot for her hard work.

2. Maahlox


Maahlox has been one of the most consistent Cameroonian artist in 2016. He is one of the very talented Artist who can basically rap about anything on any beat and people will love it. His wordplay mixed with very common street slangs makes his music worth listening to. As if the steam from his hit song Ca sort comme ca sort was not enough, Maahlox went craving for more, he has released 5 singles in 2016 : Tuer pour Tuer, Ca ne rit pas,  Tu montes Tu Descends , tu est dedans, Les Sorcies , Vis ta Vis  and also a featuring with Salatiel,  Shhh  he is  basically unstopable. His song Tuer pour Tuer released at the beginning of 2016 was well received by cameroonians it gained massive airplay on radios, tv stations, and also on a vast majority of cameroonian websites.  Tuer pour Tuer is currently at 1,2 million views on youtube and his other singles have being following suite. Maahlox’s hardwork this year has been enormous, reason why he was one of the only Cameroonian Artists to feature on the Canal plus Afrique talk show which had only 4 cameroonian artists on it. Although some fans critiize his explicit lyrics , He got that juice.

1. Franko

Finally, we arrive at no.1 well, it is Franko himself. Coller la petite the song currently at 40 million views on you tube changed Franko’s life for the better.  Eventhough lacking in consistency compared with his latest songs Telephone and  Faut pas tapper sur madame. The steam he caused all over the world with his song earned him 3 award nominations at the MAMA2016 which unfortunately he didnt win. His bank account has been in a healthy shape since he had his world tour being in USA, france, ivory coast, nigeria, south africa…etc. Coller La petite made its highest steam in 2016 when he went touring in europe, USA and all of Africa. Franko deserves Artist of the year.

This is the end. What do you think about the list? please share your opinion with us in the comment section below.  You might also like ( Top 10 Cameroonian Producers Cĺick here )