1 year after winning the UFC World Heavyweight Championship,Francis N’Gannou gets set to face His former Teammate Ciryl Gane Tomorrow in California ,USA ( at 10 PM Eastern Time & 4 AM West African Time )
While it will be easy to say N’gannou for the win,It should be mentioned that Ciryl Gane has a better UFC record than the Champion
The French Athlete in his nearly 3 year career has had 10 fights and has won every one of them .Ciryl Gane works into this fight not knowing what defeat taste like,with alot of Confidence and Resilience.
And Given the fact that he has been in the same Team with Francis N’Gannou, He might know a thing or 2 about Ngannou that the world doesn’t know.
Francis N’Gannou on the other hand is undoubtedly more experienced than Ciryl Gane having had 16 fights in the UFC .
Winning 13 of them and losing 3
The Predator’s last 5 wins have lasted just 2 rounds as it takes just 1 punch by Ngannou to knock out any opponent.
Given that a fight can be more than 1 hour long, it’s easy to see Ngannou Knocking out Ciryl Gane as he has knocked out bigger fighters than the French Man
This Fight can be won by Decision, Submission, TKO ( Triple Knockout) or KO ( Knockout)
While Ciryl Gane has won numerous fights on Decision , Ngannou has never won a fight based on decision of the Jury
Meaning if Gane takes this fight to the Final Round , He stands a good chance on paper to win it .
When it Comes to KO or TKO,Ngannou has the advantage as most of his wins have come from there.
A Clash of The Titans like no other .
The Fact that 2 of the best fighters in the UFC have once been on the same team goes to show the excellence in training Fernand Lopez created a few years back
But there can only be 1 winner tommorow night : Our Prediction is Ngannou to win by KO
Here’s our reason why !!
Ciryl Gane is an excellent professional, a fighter who is yet to lose a fight but N’Gannou has proved his ability to handle the pressure , the tension and everything concerning the UFC .
The Only way Ciryl Gane can likely win is by Submission or Decision of the Jury . Gane will keep his distance in order not to get caught with a KO punch from N’Gannou but for how long will he do that when both Fighters will be Locked in a Cage ?
N’Gannou by KO is the safest bet possible considering his last 5 fights haven’t lasted more than 3 rounds
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