One thing about being an outstanding rapper is the strength of the MC. No matter how many new  fans they have, no matter how many hits they have, they are still hungry. when they want to prove themselves most of them don’t go on twitter/Facebook. They settle it with bars. Thats basic hip hop lessons 101, you got something on yo chest? then get on the mic and spit it. To be great you need to set challenges, and work towards beating them. Social media has come and created their own artists, they can easily come back and forth on facebook and twitter and not a single record is released.. To make it, you have to spend endless time in the studio, and actually after release work hard in the streets to promote it. Music is not for everyone it is an occupation, it is not a try and see field. Now here comes a common word *HATER*, recently one cant easily have an opinion without being called a hater, this is very common with the upcoming artists and it is lame. That is so fragile, Rap is not a place to be soft….if you want to be soft go and do pop. Because rap is a battle ground, its always been that way. 237showbiz gathered a list of the Top 10 Best Cameroonian Rappers in the game, those whose handwork is difficult to go unnoticed.

Criteria.  Lyrics*****, ****  Quality music/EPs/Mixtapes/albums, **Hit Song potential



10. Deecy


Deecy might be new to some few but he has been around for way too long. his effort in the game makes it look like he has been around for decades. With just one EP(Action EP) and an album titled Sure Thoughts Are Real Things, the Indigenous Buea based rapper has been able to proof his lyrical prowess in tracks such as  Ngombey, Mami play play, B.I.R etc.The name might come as a surprise to many but he is lyrically fit, thereby occupying this spot as the 10th best Cameroonian rapper.

9. Mink’s


Mink’s signed to Ach4life  is  number Nine on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers. Mink’s Career kickstarted with his single Panthere2.0 and later on blossomed   with his viral single Le gars La est laid , with 1 studio album titled Traches2Vie. Mink’s has been able to ink his name amongst the best in the game. Using his sense of humor he is able to relate to  very common things, which makes his music lovable by both the old and the young. Minks has a great career ahead, he is therefore our 9th best Cameroonian rapper.

8. Dareal


Dareal signed to Sonolive prod  is  number eight on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers. The energy behind Dareal’s voice during his delivery is what makes the initial impact and catches your attention. His 2nd strength is his flow and even though he has his favorite set of flows, they are very effective and enjoyed by many. Dareal before signing for Sonolive Prod, was made popular by French Kind with songs like Dinosaure before he powering up other releases such as Au sol, Ca a Cuit and  Francoise Foning. Dareal is therefore the 8th best Cameroonian rapper.

7. Ebako


Cameroon born and USA raised rapper Ebako aka Camericanidol is  number seven on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers. With 2 mixtapes out Camericanidol1 and 2 he has been able to make his name known. He has popular songs such as Kunta Kinte, Arabian Night, Feel like a Don and recently Versace. Ebako has gained massive increase in his fanbase in 2016, connecting with his motherland and hence acting like a huge boost to his career.  With all this juicy profile, Ebako is therefore the 7th best Cameroonian rapper..

6. Tenor


Tenor AKA Mr Le Fiang Le way Le Yamo is  number six on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers.. Well, he is a favorite of many at the moment. The ace rapper came into full limelight in year 2016. His singles such as Do le Dab skyrocked his career to a brand new level. After Do le Dab, Tenor Remixed Mink”s Le Gar la est laid that gained massive buzz on social media.  Right now Tenor is the rapper everyone wants to see perform; He’s been getting booked for many shows in the country. The young lad has quite some other songs to support his position such as Nathalie, Attention les petits and Kaba Ndongo. He definitely is the 6th  Best Cameroonian rapper on our list.

5. Maahlox


Maahlox  Le Vibeur, signed to label Zone2Rap is number 5 on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers..  Maahlox is the most censored urban artist in Cameroon, and even the censoring does not stop his shine.  His wordplay mixed with very common street slangs makes his music worth listening to. He has a couple of hit songs such as Ca sort comme ca sort ,Tuer pour Tuer, Ca ne rit pas,  Tu montes Tu Descends , tu est dedans, Les Sorcies , and also  many other singles. He is able to divert from rap to singing in some of his songs making him very versatile and have a lot of content to rap about. Maahlox’s style of rap has branded him to what most music Pundits call a Situation Artist.   Maahlox’s hardwork expecially in 2016 has been enormous. Although some fans criticize his explicit lyrics , He got that juice and can pull up numbers when ever there is a show.

4. Stanley Enow


Stanley Enow AKA King Kong signed to Motherland Empire is number Four on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers. He rose to prominence in 2013 with the single “Hein Pere.” He is the Sole artist signed to his own label Motherland Empire. With only 1 studio album titled Soldier Like my Papa, Enow is the Cameroonian urban artist with the most awards.  After Hein pere, Enow has been faced with a tough task to keep up with Consistency with his  releases such as Tumbu Boss, Njama Njama Cow, Work Hard , Follow me. Eventhough  Highly criticized by music fans for his poor lyrics, he can still pull everything up by getting collabo’s to pull up his numbers. He is the only  Cameroonian rapper with the most international collaborations, his album had rappers such as Ice prince(Yours) , Njama Njama Cow remix ft Sarkodie, Hein pere remix by F.A.B, Biz Ice we are hip hop and finally Bounce ft AKA and Locko. The weight of Enow’s singles alone without any international collaboration has not been heavy enough to earn him spot 1 , 2 or 3.

3. Mic Monsta

Mic Monsta Aka Mayor of Punchline district  signed to Kreef Entertainment is number three on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers..  Mic Monsta  has been known for his strong lyrical game even before his hit single #Fear. He first got into the spotlight when he dropped his verse on Bwam by Jovi, after which was followed by #Nword remix and KingKong remix which he featured with Buea based Artist Crispy respectively. Mic Monsta through this releases have earned a lot of respect and love from music lovers around the globe. His lyrical prowess, energy and power in his delivery is just on steroids when you compare him to other rappers in Cameroon. He is known by many as the Mayor of the Punchline district, he is Cameroon”s Kendrick Lamar. He has earned a well deserved and safe spot. Listen to his latest single Amani here

2. Pascal

Ndimofor Pascal Aka Yung King signed to New Bell Music is number Two on our List of Best Cameroonian Rappers.. Pascal made his unique introduction into the Cameroonian hip-hop scene in the track “Check sense” featuring  with Jovi among other songs like  “No waiting” , “Epic Ish”, Voici Ca etc in his first EP titled Work Dey Vol1, . His second Ep came pregnant with sick bars cementing him as one of the best in the game. Volume 2 had good track such as  Kana Kana, King Don cam, Elevate, Manka..etc .  Since then he has matched on with the inevitable challenges posed with being a rapper, hence generating massive hype in not so much  time in the game.The young talent has made a lot of impressions though with just 1 album and 2 Ep’s. His album WorkDey3 is one of Cameroon’s all time best rap albums. He has been a model for other young talents to follow or keeping the pace, with Pascal in the game we always know what to expect, exciting lyrics with flows reflecting his style and attitude.




Number 1 is none other than New Bell Music Boss Jovi. Jovi s career deserves a book on its own, with a title like *How to become a rapper*. Jovi  has actually proven himself to be an A-list rapper in the Cameroonian music industry. His talent is pure, Jovi Raps for the people, it doesn’t get better than that.In Cameroon you cant talk about rap without mentioning Jovi , it is  a crime that requires public flogging. He has successfully branded his style of rap into a rap Genre  recognized internationally known as Mboko. His career started under Mumak when he released the ground breaking song that kickstarted his career titled Don for Kwat, the song was loved and played all over in 2011. After Don 4 kwat, there was CASH, then one of the most remixed African rap songs  Et p8 koi,  his single Bastard and the list goes on. The strength of a good rapper is determined LARGELY by the songs he releases after dropping a hit song. After this releases, it has been like a track tour, switching it up anytime with Every song having a new vibe . He’s discovered most of the greatest talents in the industry today. He discovered Pascal, Nobody thought Pascal could rap till Jovi let him have a verse on Check sense. Jovi  has been putting music out for the past 6-7  years and the music keeps getting realer and better. He has the highest amount of released songs as a rapper. Best flow, best lyrics although sometimes explicit, pure beats produced by him . He is the best rapper till date to the music industry. He has a song for whatever mood your in, If you need to get pumped up it is just right that you listen to him. Jovi is one of the few Cameroonian artist that is difficult to book because of his price tag, if the 6 figures is not right then forget it. The struggle to book him is simply based on the amount of work he puts in,  he has a lot of classics which fans love, he can have a show for 4 hours straight and there will still be songs left. He is the Cameroonian rap Messiah.

Musical profile: Albums(H.I.V, MbokoGod)   EP’s(Bad Music, Puta Madre, Raps2Riches)


OK, I’ve listed my top  10 cameroonian rappers, now I can’t wait to hear yours. What would you add to the list? Are there any you disagree with?


Ko-C , Crispy,  Ngoma, Askia, Tilla  Inna Money, Teddy Doherty, Spido, Maxtor.