Below are the TOP 10 Best Cameroonian songs of 2022. The Cameroon music industry had a decent year in terms of music. While this milieu saw a slight reduction in the amount of music released in 2021, Our artists still provided us with numerous beautiful songs which we could sing and sometimes and dance to. Numerous Music Projects(Albums, EP’s, MixTapes) were also released by most of these urban artists and as such, this highlighted their unlimited zeal to satisfy and entertain their fans.

In the lines to come, we are going to look at those songs which shook the country in the year 2022. Those songs which went viral on Social media, the streets, Radio/Tv, in the club,  Schools , in the local stores ,markets and even in hospitals. We will give you a highlight of Those songs that could be sung by literally every music enthusiast.
Here are the hottest tracks that have come out of Cameroon  in 2022, featuring Krys M, Ko-c, Ridimz, Rinyu , Tzy Panchak and many more. We present to you the Top 10 Best(Hottest) Cameroonian songs of 2022.

10 – Tzy Panchak Ft Salatiel,Cleo Grae & VividL’Homme Est Mauvais

Currently at 1million views,Blue Nation Soldier Tzy Panchak invited the High Man General Salatiel and long time collaborators Cleo Grae and Vivid to assist him in describing the wicked heart of man on the song “L’Homme est Mauvais”
This description also becomes so sweet in the ear and leads to the complete satisfactions of every Tzy Panchak fan.
This song was and is still very popular in our community and as such, it takes itself on this list automatically.

Phillbill released his debut single as a solo artist after leaving Ridimz and this song was another embodiment of Afrobikossa as “La Clé” made an easy breakthrough into the mainstream of Cameroon music . The Hype,Anticipation and Final delivery made this song the hit it is today. The video also heavily complemented the audio o this tune and gave more value to the whole project as the song massively spread immediately it was released. Currently at 2.3m views, This song was definitely a very big song in Cameroon
Salazar by Tenor & Cysoul was not only one of the biggest songs in Cameroon in 2022. It was also one of the best collaborations in 2022. This mid tempo bikutsi tune had a very unique melody which made it spread over the nation on every DJ’s playlist.
Tenor’s Rap Verses perfectly matched with Cysoul’s soft voice on the chorus .
Currently at 2.7m views, Tenor ‘s Salazar definitely merit’s it’s spot on the list
This was the song which solidified Rinyu’s position as an A -List Artist in Cameroon.

The remix with Locko was a well strategized song which trended on tiktok,  Facebook, Instagram and even offline in the streets ,snacks etc. This was one of the hottest songs which was released in the holiday season“Controller Remix” definitely controlled itself into our List of top 10 Biggest songs in 2022 due to it’s mainstream awareness and replay value.

Je tombe Aussi was one of the few hits registered early enough in the first quarter of 2022. Cysoul gave us a love song which was on the lips of every young Cameroonian damsel. From his voice, to the message behind the song, it quickly a Hot recipe for a Typical TiktoK viral fan favorite. It was used for thousands of tiktok videos and gradually spread across the nation both online and offline.
This song is definitely one which could be played for that special one and given the fact that Love conquers all, that is how Cysoul in “Je Tombe Aussi” conquered our hearts and made this song one of the biggest songs of the year 2022.

Blanche Bailly returned to her Hit Making ways with the 2nd single off her album “AUTHENTIK” which featured Nigerian superstar Joeboy.
Both artists delivered a very heartwarming love song on a Mid Tempo Afro-beat which became a hit as fans grew to love the vibe. A catchy hook was all that was needed to blend such a powerful collaboration between two amazing artists. One can still reminisce Blanche Bailly singing “My Babyyy, My Honeyyy” . Mine is notably Blanche Bailly’s Most Streamed song of all time coupled with the catchy Lyrics and powerful verse from Joeboy Mine easily became a big hit song in the hearts of the people and got added into multiple Afro-beats playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. For the mentioned reasons this song occupies Spot Number 5 for Our Top 10 Best Cameroonian Songs of 2022.

4- Fadil Ft Ko-c - Lande

When Fadil and Ko-c teased the song “Landé”  before the World Cup in QATAR was about to start, and the vibe, aura and Culture value the song was proposing was so high that it sparked the interest of Cameroonian fans and immediately went Viral. Triggering both artists to immediately shoot a video, a move which was very much appreciated from the fans. The vibe of the song raised so much excitement in the minds of fans as they had never seen Ko-c in a” Bamoun” mode and what made this song the hit it is today was the way the serial hit-maker delivered once more .
The Iconic and peculiar Dance Moves made this song a cultural Classic among Cameroonians, without forgetting the easily relatable, repeatable and funny lyrics from Ko-cFufu na eru, Eru na Kanda, Kanda na Achu, Achu na Njama Njama , Njama Njama na pepper “. Currently standing at 2.8 M YouTube views, The impact created by this song made it one of the biggest songs in 2022.

“Quand J’aurai L’argent” means “When I will have money” and is a song in which Ko-c and Innoss’B tell us their plans and future intentions which they shall do when they become rich (have money).
This track is a highly dance-able Afro – Congo tune which took fans and music lovers straight to the dance floor.
The creativity and relatability of this song made it one of the biggest hits in 2022 as both Ko-c and Innoss’B joined forces to make QJL a viral tune in the Cameroon music industry. Sitting at 7.7M Views at the moment of writing this article, It deservedly takes position number 3 on our list of Top 10 best  Cameroonian Songs of 2022.

“Il est La” by Indira & Ks Bloom was arguably the biggest gospel song released in 2022 . This international collaboration between Cameroon & Ivory Coast was one of the most trending songs on most streaming platforms as it was in every top French African playlist .
This resulted to it having millions of streams and currently standing at 8.8 M YouTube views. “IL est La” was quite simply a hit song which was surpassed by very few songs in Cameroon.  It merits its place in this list due to the above reasons and therefore occupied spot number 2 on our list of Top 10 best Cameroonian songs of 2022.

If Chacun Ca Chance by Krys M is not number one on our list , then which song possibly could be ?
Krys M’ s Chacun Ca Chance Is the biggest song of 2022 by a huge margin. It gives a mighty gap to every other song on the list in terms of numbers , replay value , relatability and trend on and offline
If we were to do an in depth music analysis of every stat and record this song broke then you will see why it was unarguably the biggest song of 2022
Every Cameroonian related to this song as it spoke to the Cameroonian in you .
Krys M’s breakthrough song was not only the biggest song in her career but also the biggest song in Cameroon because of how it spoke to the people and told us that everyone has his or her chance in life.
Currently at 19m views on YouTube just after 7 months of its release, We can confidently say Chacun Sa Chance by Krys M was the biggest song in the year 2022.
So there you have it, The list of our  Top 10 Best/Biggest/Hottest Cameroonian songs of 2022.
Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below especially if you feel we missed out on a song which deserved to be on the list or If you agree with our list .

Despite not making the Top 10 Best Cameroonian songs of 2022. These songs below were also massively appreciated.
One thing about Locko is that he always delivers at least 1 hit every year to his fans. In 2021, He released “Meme Meme Chose” which was a hit And in 2022, he released “Don’t Call Me Back” which is Amapiano at it’s finest. Mr Yema blends a bit of Afro with Amapiano in this latest experiment of his and it turns out to be a success as this song went viral and was highly appreciated by music fans. Currently at 1.3m views , it’s safe to say that this was one of the biggest songs in 2022 even though it didn’t make our top 10 list.

Asaba - Mon Bebe
Starfish Entertainment singer Asaba released the song “Mon Bebe” which was like an anthem in weddings and marriage ceremonies.  It’s relatability was what took it to 1m views on YouTube and made it one of the Best songs in the Cameroon music industry in 2022.


There you go. The End of the Top 10 Best/Biggest/Hottest Cameroonian Songs of 2022.