Cameroon is blessed with more than 100 different tribes with numerous values in which each of those tribes have their a musical identity. From Mr Leo  and Vernyuy Tina pushing Lamnso to Magasco and Kikoh creating awareness of the Njang sound .It seems there is a new Sheriff In Town called  AfroBikossa which was publicly introduced by Powerhouse producer Phillbillbeatz. This sound Is a modernized fusion of Afro-beats ,Bikutsi and Makossa sound which gives a Cameroonian identity . This sound has already been giving birth to with tracks such as :

This above mentioned tunes are products of Afrobikossa and have been major hits in the Cameroonian music industry as it proves this sound can be accepted both nationally and internationally.  Phillbill who deserves credit for the name Afrobikossa also highlights the benefits of quickly adopting it to the fact that it will  increase the progression rate of the Cameroonian music industry as it will give Cameroon a better musical identity on the international stage.

The young Generation of artist can make Afrobikossa to Cameroon what Afro-beats is to Nigeria or what Rumba is to RDC Congo.

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