5 Things You Didn’t Know About PhillBill

Hello 237Showbees! Welcome to another edition of our very interesting segment where we reveal to you 5 interesting things you didn’t know about your favorite celebrities. In today’s episode, we dig into the life and career of Cameroonian singer, producer and sound engineer PhillBill of the music group RIDIMZ. Are you coming in contact with the name PhillBill for the very first time? Well in the beats of hit songs, you must have heard the beat tag “SHABA” or “Hmmm it’s PhillBill“; Yes! that’s the guy we’re talking about today.  Here are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About PhillBill

 5. PhillBill Was Disowned By His Father;

In an interview with Beta Topoh, PhillBill revealed that he was disowned by his father after staying 3 years in Nigeria instead of 3 months. The young singer at the time traveled to Nigeria for the summer holidays and instead of 3 months, he stayed there for 3 years. PhillBill also added that it was as a result of the marital conflicts between his parents.

4. PhillBill’s Dream Was To Be A Basketballer, Then A Painter.

Music was never the career goal of PhillBill. At first, he want to play basket ball professionally. When this didn’t go as plan, painting was his second option. The singer only discovered music and got addicted to it. Thereby forgoing all these other career goals.

3. PhillBill Is The First Child of 4

Born Dianee Bill Munyenge, PhillBill is the first child of 4, he has 2 sisters and a brother. He hails from the Southwest Region precisely Meme Division. His village is Bole Bakundu.

2. PhillBill Learned Music Production in Nigeria.

PhillBill’s mother resided in Nigeria while his father was based in Cameroon. So during holidays, the young Dianee will travel to Nigeria for Holidays. A period came for him to travel and spend 3 months but he instead spent 3 years. In these 3 years, PhillBill was learning how to make beats, produced music and building a career.

1. PhillBill Was The Last Pillar To Join RIDIMZ

The group then Rythmz consist of Kezzy (K Master K Mix) and Dr Nkeng Stephens. Oh yes! Dr Nkeng Stephens was once a rapper too! PhillBill later joined the group and they were 3. Dr Nkeng Stephens later stepped out to pursue his career in video directing leaving behind PhillBill and K Master K Mix. One of their hit singles titled “Honeymoon” was released in 2013.