Cameroonian Music Duo “RIDIMZ” Allegedly Part Ways!

Cameroonian music group RIDIMZ made of PhillBill (Producer/Singer) and Keezy (Producer/Singer) have allegedly separated. Although there hasn’t been any official statement from the SHABASIKO crooners, a very close source told 237Showbiz that the group has unofficially separated.

We decided to do a little observations and we can confirm that the music duo is currently walking on eggshells. Recently, we have seen SHABASIKO has become a one-man-show as all performances are being done by PhillBill alone. The most recent release is the acoustic version of their hit single “SHABASIKO” and in the place of Keezy, a 9 year old sensation Ketia Anzoeur takes his place.

Another proof of their separation can be seen in the Youth Day performance at College IESB Douala, the group RIDIMZ was booked to perform but only PhillBill answered present. We also took a tour on the official Instagram page of RIDIMZ and realized that Keezy is also missing in over 51 Insatgram publications. The last time both artistes posted as a group on their Instagram page was on the 8th of December 2021 during their acceptance speech at the maiden edition of CIMFEST in Buea.

Connecting all these dots and looking at the action that placed the last nail on the coffin is the news of Keezy opening his own production studio in Buea. The singer/producer shared images of his new studio in Buea on his social media and these were his words: “ That kind man wey he like for do he own thing dem extraordinary. Studio set, ready for all your mixing and mastering

It’s February 2022, K Master K Mix (Keezy) is yet to share their hit song SHABASIKO on his personal profiles. Looking at all these happenings, the success of SHABASIKO the group needs to stay together and stronger. However, only an official statement from their team will keep their worried fans in a better state.