Nigerian Artistes Have Started Showing Interest in Makossa – Is It Good or Bad For Cameroon ?

We take you back some 6 years ago when Cameroonian rapper Ngoma dropped MANGOSI in collaboration with fellow rappers Kikoh and Nernos. In the 2:00 timeframe of that song, rapper Nernos said “Le Makossa est mort oui c’est bien ça me plait its fine” downgrading the Makossa which Nigerian have envisaged to be their new gold mine today.

Before Nigeria, we’ve had Michael Jackson and Rihanna sample Manu Dibango’s 1972 classic “Soul Makossa”. African music knowledge sharing platform “Sample Chief” in new video reveals Manu Dibango’s Soul Makossa is the most sample African Song of all time. So the interest of Nigerians in Makossa is not surprising but we all know what happens when Nigerians take over a new genre.

With the Afrobeats, Amapiano and Highlife markets getting saturated, the giants of Africa have began looking into where they can expand their creativity and Makossa genre seems to be the new source where they would fuse it with their sound and make it more popular. Should Cameroonian artistes be worried about this? Recall that South Africans created Amapiano but Nigerians took over the genre. Same with the Azonto from Ghana.

This new development is what is going on in the backgrounds. The big question is, will Cameroon gain or lose from this ?

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