Mr Leo,Kameni and Gomez shooting the video of the song “Soulever”

Kameni and Gomez are products of the record label Lion Productions.
In 2019, Mr Leo introduced these 2 singers not only to his fan-base, but to the entire music industry .
The Lion of Africa even sacrificed his own career for his young cubs as he wanted them to grow as much as possible  .
In the long run, one could see how this useful this sacrifice was as Kameni grew into one of the best female artists in Cameroon by releasing hits like Nayo Nayo, Bollo ,Tomber and numerous others. Gomez also enjoyed his own fair share of success with songs like Sans Toi, Ca Ne Vas Pas etc.

Lion Production releases Gomez

One thing which couldn’t be argued was their rapid growth musically and in terms of popularity as Kameni & Gomez became household names in our industry.  This was a testament to the how impactful the Lion Productions label was to these singers.But it all started falling down when both artists decided to leave the label for greener pastures on the Independent scene.
While this isn’t a bad thing and they were in their full rights to leave the label, We realize that Kameni & Gomez have been independent for the past 1 year and haven’t had anywhere as much success as they had with the label .

Kameni announces her exit from Lionn Productions

Kameni in her 2 releases out of Lion Productions .”Jito” & “Papi” hasn’t been able to have 200k views on each song meanwhile she had millions of views on most of her songs in the label . Nayo Nayo stands currently at 4.5m views . One of her last singles with the label “Bollo” is at 1m views at the time of writing.One can say that she is starting out as an independent artist and so she is creating an audience from scratch but the decline in numbers is too massive that it should be a signal of distress.Moreover,  There has been a heavy decline in popularity as she isn’t enjoying the airplay she once had on TV Stations ,Radio or on the streets .Numerous fans have also been complaining of the drop in quality of her songs as they prefer her previous songs to her latest songs .
The same could be said for Gomez who used to average 200k views per video with Lion Productions but can barely achieve these numbers lately .Many fans believe his latest song “Woman” could’ve been bigger than it was if he was still under Lion Productions .
The Male singer is also facing a decline in popularity which makes us wonder if Leaving Lions Productions was worth it for both artists .This question comes from a place of love and appreciation for Gomez & Kameni as nearly everyone wants to see them reach their potential but just like the prodigal son,we realize a mistake could’ve been made by these artists when they decided to leave their mentor Mr Leo 

Lionn Productions Gomez,Mr Leo,Kameni (From Left to Right)

They say Time heals all wounds but one thing Time also does is answer most unanswered questions.
While waiting for time to answer this question concretely,  we ask you to share your opinion about this issue
Was Kameni & Gomez’s surprise exits from Lion Productions worth it ?
We leave it up to you to judge