Self Proclaimed Southwest Richest rapper Yung Time has stated that the difference between himself and the singer Gomez is nothing close to his bank accounts, flashy lifestyle and cars. The rapper via a Facebook post revealed that compared to the singer Gomez, he is more loyal and respectful towards his colleagues. He goes ahead to say that Gomez has been with 6 different labels in the last 6 years and that says a lot.

Trying to sound sarcastic, Yung Time addressed Gomez as “Mr Woman” following his recent single Woman featuring Manefrieni and Vivid.

We have seen rappers and singer get involved in beef and feuds and most times, the singers showcase their hidden rap skills towards their rapper opponents. Could this be on of those moments? As it stands, Yung Time is yet to get a response from a very silent Gomez. For receipts sake, see Facebook post below;

Via Yung Time Official [Facebook]