More Details on Mr Leo’s Forthcoming Album ‘Lion of Africa.

Cameroonian singer Mr Leo’s shares track list of second studio album “Lion of Africa” planned for release on the 24th of September 2021. The album features his two kids, Madi-Leon and Jessie-Joy in track 10, Cameroonian rapper Wan Shey in track 7, CFX in track 6 and Necta in track 2. See track list below.

  1. Samba (Intro)
  2. Ji feat. Necta
  3. Jei Jei
  4. Jeey
  5. Time
  6. Yo feat. CFX
  7. Njong feat. Wan Shey
  8. Viberi (Tribute)
  9. Wan (Interlude) Appearance by Veronica Fonyuy & Thomas Fonyuy
  10. Wan feat. Jessie Joy & Madi Leon
  11. Shalala
  12. Buri (Hosanna)
  13. Omale

The album “Lion of Africa” boasts Executive Production credits from Lionn Productions and Bimela Jude. All the tracks were produced by CFX except track 12 by Looney & Rey.