Empire Company singer/actress MIMIE was on the show “Comme à la maison” on ABK Radio Officiel .
During this interview ,The Radio host asked her why she hasn’t yet collaborated with a female artist in Cameroon ?
Mimie replied by saying the following:
No, not at all. I had met Kameni and honestly, her reaction shocked me. She is someone I really appreciate and whose talent I respect.
But her reaction really shocked me . I had to release my album since last year and suddenly I thought, if I make a song with her that would be good.
We went to her manager Vera, who asked me to pay. I was overwhelmed and I said it’s okay, I don’t want it anymore.
Despite that I went to support her at the presentation of her EP and while we were taking the pictures, I told her that we have to work on a song and she replied: “no, no, talk with my manager And I was like Wow , Are you for real ? and that was when I stopped having thoughts of collaborating ”
Do you think Mimie had to Pay for this feature or it was wrong for Kameni to ask her to see her manager ?
What can we learn from this?
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