Actions like this always begins by rumours. During the last days of April, many tongues began wagging as rumours had it that Alpha Better Records singer Mr. Leo had signed a younger talent with the name Gomez. However, the sight of everyone able to get the picture of a move for the artiste to Alpha Better Records was blurry until Mr. Leo officially endorsed the talented singer Gomez on his social media pages, something which is very rare when it comes to Cameroon Music Industry as big talents are reluctant to hold the hands of others. Leo seems to have carried out a challenge for others to follow.

Below is a screenshot of his statement about the singer Gomez!

This endorsement or message of support has created confusion amongst fans and music lovers. They keep murmuring and asking if this is a road leading Gomez to Alpha Better Records, has he been signed already behind the curtains or just a way of supporting younger talents?

Well we fold our arms and wait for an official statement if truly he gets signed. Well done Mr. Leo keep supporting the younger artistes who are working hard and coming up.

While anticipating future gestures and more info about the Leo Gomez move, download and listen to the song by Beautรฉ Gomez produced by Edi Ledrae by clicking the link below.

Victor Kange