Looking at entertainment in Cameroon, the music industry is far much progressing than the movie industry in almost every aspect. Nowadays we witness our Cameroonian artistes shutting down shows, dropping albums and travelling worldwide for tours.

On the part of the fans, everyone seems to be engaged in music topics. If they aren’t talking about a Salatiel outfit, they are talking about a Stanley Enow verse. The fan engagement with their artistes seems to be more effective and they tend to keep a stronger bond compared to the actors . Apart from supporting morally, it beats my imagination why some fans can take out time to go as far as being analysts, music critics, red carpet police but can’t bring in that same spirit of engagement when it comes to movies. The big question is, why is less attention paid in the movie sector?

We have had a lot of movies premiered in and out of the country, we have a good number of talented actors and actresses in the industry such as Nsang Dilong, Itambi Delphine, Otia Vitalis, Alenne Menget, Ashu Kelly, Vicky Fokala and the list goes on.

Why is less attention paid to these talents. I bet the average Cameroonian doesn’t know as many actors like they know the artistes.

We all need to grow by holding hands. First and foremost, we must detect the problems holding back the movie industry from pushing forward. The future is bright. One hand can never tie a bundle

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Victor Kange