5 Pascal Yung King Songs You Should Listen Every Week For Motivation



Pascal Ndimofor Wonishi popularly known as Pascal aka Yung King aka Pikin 4 Sun is a Cameroonian rap artiste who rose to fame in the Cameroonian music industry after featuring in Jovi’s popular rap song titled “Check Sense“. His verse and flow caught the attention of many hip hop lovers. Groomed by his mentor and founder of New Bell Music Jovi, Pascal grew up to become one of Cameroon’s most love rappers and story tellers.

When you hear Pascal Yung King is about to release new music, prepare your minds to welcome some touching, inspirational and motivational stories on some superb hip hop beats. This week, we’re looking at 5 inspiring Pascal songs you should listen to for motivation.


5. Tori Part 1

Off his debut EP under the umbrella of New Bell Music and Jovi mentorship, Pascal Yung King in track 5 paints a picture of his childhood as he explains how growing up, farming was the main activity that brought something to the table. The harsh living conditions in his home can be heard from the 50th second of this track. However, Pascal found solace when he embraced music and began writing every story in a song.


4. Check Sense

Pascal’s verse on the song Check Sense with his mentor Jovi was his passport to fame and the hearts of many. Perhaps one of the best collaborations ever recorded in the Cameroonian music industry in the last 10 years. Off the EP Kankwe Vol 2 by Jovi, Pascal thrilled fans yet again and motivates listeners to always think out of the box and be smart enough to hustle. Although the means he’s projecting that of one selling their properties to make ends meet, the message can be converted to mean that one should work hard so they can drive away poverty.

3. King Don Kam

King Don Kam, pidgin translation for “The King is here” Pascal compares his past and that of his present in track 8 off his debut album titled Work Dey 3. The first verse sees him thanking God for seeing a brand new day as he goes down to his knees to give God thanks. Pascal explains how hunger was the order of the day but that didn’t last for long. The rapper goes ahead to give a shout out to his mentor Jovi whom he claims picked him up from the gutters and brought him to the city and put him on his label New Bell Music.

2. Go

In the song GO Pascal while putting God first in everything he does goes ahead to encourage every hardworking individual and listener of his music. In his words “I know say things dem strong but you get for try for push’am, just di go na for go”

1. Pikin 4 Sun

The song Pikin 4 Sun sits comfortably on our number 1 spot. Its happens to be the most touching song the rapper ever dropped. Teaches us to never give up even if we are in the midst of our worst moments. When stones are thrown at you, pick them up and build a castle. Pikin 4 Sun is track 1 off Pascal’s most recent EP titled “Pikin 4 Sun

There you go, 5 Pascal Songs You Should Listen To Every Week For Motivation. Tell us in the comments which is your favorite !