A lot of you might have been wondering why I’ve kept silent even though we came out victorious in the category for Best Showbiz Promoter, beating other contestants like BiMstr, Kreef Ent, President Tchop Tchop etc. Well, every time a friend tried to ask me what my views were, I’ll always give them that ”It’s only the first edition look, it will get better” but I later realised it’s best you guys have a clue of what my eyes videotaped and what my ears recorded. Here’s the playback;

The Bonteh Digital Media Awards of 2017 was mindblowing project many had so much doubts on, but to their greatest surprise, the lad pulled out a massive crowd at Eta Palace hotel. I was in total shock to see some of the big names in the industry at the event such as Tzy Panchak, Daphne, Blanche Bailly and Vicky Fokala who was the ”notice-me” of the event with the several numerous provocative comments she kept spitting which I found immature on her part. That aside, apart from Edi Ledrae boldly telling the DJ ”You Suck”, comedian and rapper Lil Beef aka Ngwane Hansel describing Yung Time to be dressed like these Nexttel workers selling SIM cards and 237Showbee Gilles Zelot screaming from the back of the crowd saying ”small man small nyash” by the time I was about claiming our deserved trophy from the hands of Ambe the rest of the audience were in their best behaviour.

Away from the fun part of the most prestigious digital award show in Cameroon, the aspects of time and  free Wi-Fi weren’t respected. There was no internet connection in the building for the event as we were told.  We all knew red carpet was set to start at exactly 6PM prompt, I don’t know if it was because I was too excited, but on reaching there, I noticed I was one of the first guests at the event. The show didn’t start until 9PM. With an empty stomach, I had a lot of hopes on the refreshments but to my greatest surprise, at about 11:00PM one of the very pretty orange hostesses brought us some packs. In my head I was thinking this could be some sandwiches and chicken, cake or even croissant. When I opened the pack, boom! I saw chin-chin! My pack had exactly 36 in number, I don’t know about that of Clovis Akuchu and Ngwane Hansel who sat beside me. Shocked with the content, I decided to use the popular saying ”Half bread is better than none” then I chewed it without hesitating and later went for that of Clovis as well.

We were given awards, a selfie stick, a power bank and two double extra large t-shirt. If you see the neck of these t-shirts. Let me not say much. We couldn’t have said no to them. On getting home, I told my dad we were awarded ”Best Showbiz Promoter” the first question he asked me was ”Did they give you guys some dough?” I said No! He then ask, ”Which kind award that?” I then replied ”It’s only the first edition”

Dear Bonteh, Orange, BDMA2017 sponsors, we are proud of you, you guys have brought out something from nothing. Unfortunately, the only valuable asset from the gift bag is the award recognition we are do much grateful for. Enough thanks to our followers and friends who voted. We are proud of your efforts.
The rest of the gifts should end in 2017.

This is my own side of the story..

Victor Kange