Every musician, whether popular, established or upcoming has this belief that every song they are about to produce will ”blow” (Go Viral or Make Waves)  but what really makes a track they produce go viral or become a hit song?

A hit song can be defined in the simplest of terms to mean a very popular song, one which almost everyone relates to. Examples of Cameroonian hit songs in 2017 include;  Qu’est-ce Qui N’a Pas Marché by Alpha Better Records,  Calee by Daphne,  Bad things by Tenor…etc

When an artiste writes his lyrics on hundreds of sheets of paper before coming to the final piece, he then looks for a producer to coach him or her on the concept, storyline and production. When they find the perfect rythme and beat, they record and it is produced. At this juncture, even without a video, the song can be a hit song, based on the beats, delivery, concept, collaborations involved or the time of the year.

Other songs need to reach the video level before it becomes a hit song. For example, Ambe’s Vitesse as people needed to see the actions he performs before relating to it.

Notwithstanding, some other songs are pushed to the apex of popularity as the artiste may create a dance video challenge and a hash tag for the song to make it viral. This is a strategy used for mostly wack songs or atleast songs that have a funny theme or dance move like  One corner by Pataapa. I for one think it is actually a very poor way of promoting songs because hit songs are actually accepted solely by the fans and not forced on them. Songs like Hein PereEt P8 Koi by Jovi, Jamais Jamais by Mr leo , Coller La petite by Franko , Ca sort comme ca sort , Babaah, Wule Bang Bang have all experienced natural growth.

In Cameroon, majority of our hit songs have French and English lyrics in them. Thus we cannot close this writeup without adding that French has a role to play in making songs (Most especially Cameroon songs)  go viral.

What are your own views about a hit song?  What makes a song go viral?  Tell us what you think.

– Victor Kange

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