Ghanian rapper Sarkodie allegedly sends shots at Cameroonian rapper Jovi on the song “W.A.G” by Rouge .The person he is talking about on this song 100% matches Jovi‘s description especially when he says
“Nigga you’ve been tripping on a twitter page,you wanna start a war but you’ve been afraid ” .
The Mboko God has been on twitter rants in recent months and a topic he has touched in numerous of his tweets is Sarkodie .Jovi has always talked of his lyrical superiority towards the Ghanian rapper and has criticized the fact that the Ghanian rapper always raps in his dialect and not in English

Jovi Telling Sarkodie to rap in English and not in his mother tongue

Jovi criticizing sarkodie for not rapping in english

Sarkodie doesn’t stop there, he sends numerous shots claiming to be extremely superior to Jovi as he says
” you came in the game when I was already a legend , you not even on my level regardless we ain’t close”
Research shows that Jovi’s  “et p8 koi” was released when the Ghanaian rapper had just dropped his “Sarkology “ album and at that time had solidified his place as the best rapper in Africa and had penetrated numerous music markets like the Nigerian and South Africa music markets .
Chek out the full song on the following link to get the lyrics we talking about above : Rouge ft Youssoupha and Sarkodie – W.A.G
These shots come at a time when Jovi is on a low ,preparing for the release of new music for his fans.
Will Jovi have something to say about this?
Do you think Sarkodie isn’t addressing Jovi but instead a different rapper??
Do you think Sarkodie can murder Jovi in a rap beef or “Mboko No go Die , E go only Multiply”?