TOP 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos in Cameroon in 2020 

With Spotify now available in Cameroon, Cameroonians are now adopting the habit of streaming music videos most especially on YouTube. The advent of the Corona Virus pandemic that saw the universe pause for a while and its inhabitants going into self isolation and staying indoors created an unforgettable relationship with the world and streaming platforms. Music lovers were glued to YouTube and the streams on music videos skyrocketed.

We present to you the TOP 10 most viewed music videos on YouTube from by Cameroonians.

10. Mercy Chinwo – Excess Love – 1.56M Views

Nigerian gospel star artiste Mercy Chinwo with her hit gospel praise titled “Excess Love” from the bottom of this countdown recorded another 1.56M YouTube views in the last 12 months by Cameroonian living in Cameroon. The official video has over 62M views. She takes the 10th spot.

9. Mr Shyne – A Jamais Ft Charlotte Dipanda – 1.58M Views

The official video of the song “A Jamais” by Cameroonian singer Mr Shyne and Charlotte Dipanda records over 8.5M views on YouTube. However according to YouTube charts, 1.56 Million views came from Cameroon in the last 12 months. Mr Shyne takes our 9th position with A Jamais.

8. Josey – Espoir – 1.62M Views

From the time of its release, Espoir by Ivorian diva Josey released in January 2020 has 1.62 M views from Cameroon alone. The official video had over 13.4M views by the time we published this article.

7. Prosper Ochimana – Ekwueme Ft Osinachi – 1.78M Views

Ekwueme! Ekwueme! You are the living God oh, Eze no one like you” as the song goes, Ekwueme by Propser Ochimana featuring Osinachi is the second gospel tune on this list. This should tell us Cameroonians are God fearing and most of the music videos watched in Cameroon are praise and worship songs. Ekwueme video has 1.78M views from Cameroon and over 49.700.303 views worldwide by the time this article was published. It takes our 7th position.

6. LOCKO – Mêmes Mêmes Choses – 1.81M Views

Cameroonian singer LOCKO takes YouTube’s 6th position as the most viewed music video in Cameroon. Même Même Choses has 4.6M views on YouTube, with 1.81M views from Cameroon.

5. Simi – Duduke – 1.87M Views

Nigerian singer SIMI’S Duduke hit single crossed so many boundaries. One of the countries that contributed to its success on YouTube streams currently at 33M views. In Cameroon, the video was viewed in Cameroon 1.87M times. She sits comfortably on YouTube’s 5th position.

4. Master KG – Jerusalema Ft Nomcebo – 1.88M Views

South African star artiste Master KG’s hit single “Jerusalema” featuring Nomcebo was one of the most popular music videos in the year 2020. The official video on YouTube has over 351M views. Cameroonians couldn’t resist the awesomeness of the song. They had to contribute with 1.88M Views. It’s YouTube 4th most viewed music video from Cameroon.

3. Innoss’B Ft Diamond Platnumz – Yope Remix – 2.02M Views

The remix of Yope by Congolese sensation Innoss’B featuring Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz was one of the biggest hit songs and collaborations in Africa in 2020. The song has over 142.8M views on YouTube. It was uploaded on Diamond Platnumz‘ YouTube channel which has over 4.91Million subscribers. Cameroon contributed with 2.02 Million views. Yope Remix takes YouTube’s 3rd position on the chart.

2. Ko-c – Calecon ft Coco Argentée – 2.41M Views

Unarguably the biggest hit song of 2020, Cameroonian serial hitmaker Ko-c joined forces with Coco Argentée and blessed our TV screens with an amazing video of their hit collabo “Caleçon” directed by Adah Akenji. Caleçon recorded over 7.8M views and Cameroon alone contributed with 2.41 million views. Caleçon takes YouTube’s 2nd position of TOP 10 most viewed YouTube music videos in the last 12 months (2020)

1. Darina Victry – Laisse Moi T’aimer- 3.82M Views

Darina Victry’sLaisse Moi Taimer” is the most viewed Cameroonian music video in 2020. Automatically it will be the YouTube’s most viewed music video in Cameroon as well.
The official video has 27M views and in Cameroon it recorded over 2.82M views.

From the above list by YouTube charts, Cameroon sees 4 of its biggest hits of 2020 on the list, Laisse Moi T’aimer by Darina Victry, Calecon by Ko-c & Coco Argentee, Memes Memes Choses by LOCKO and A Jamais by Mr Shyne and Charlotte Dipanda. It is important for Cameroonians to keep pushing up the streams of their favorite artistes on YouTube so that we can have all 10 spots occupied with the names and videos of Cameroonian artistes.

As the YouTube views fluctuate day to day, so does YouTube update its list and TOP 10 countdown. So there you go, YouTube’s TOP 10 Most Viewed Music Videos in Cameroon.

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