Nollywood legendary actor Kanayo O Kanayo to starre in a Cameroonian movie.

Nollywood legendary actor Kanayo O Kanayo for days now has been on set for the movie “against the wind” curently being shot in Cameroon along side great other Cameroonian actors.

The movie “against the wind” is a film by the incredible Neba Lawrence which features Cameroon artiste Mimie who’s proven her acting skills in movies like “Shenanigans” by Muriel Blanche and the popular TV series “Madame Monsieur”. All casts for this movie are currently in Limbe where the magic is operating.

The movie also features great actors like Ndamo Damaris, Stephanie Tum, Malvis Ann Mohvu, Epule Jeffrey and a whole host of others. With this extremely talented cast we can only expect a mind blowing masterpiece, why not a potential multi award winning movie.