The year 2017 was declared by most fans and music lovers to be Alpha Better Records year in the Cameroonian music scene due to the projects, releases, tours and buzz the label made in 365 days. Apart from the fans, other Record Labels also approved this assertion although their declarations were made in closed doors. The advent of 2018, a new year and fresh start for everyone saw one of Cameroon’s most prolific labels New Bell Music dropping singles, videos and 2 EPs from Reniss and Tata but it seems thus like the label has been getting less attention this year from its releases.

Why do we say so? New Bell Music this year seems to be the only label that has released more singles, an EP with videos than any other label at the moment, yet they’re still to fully capture the attention of the fans, gain new ones and revive the lost ones as well. What could really be the label’s problem? A lot of fans who actually support these artistes have complained about their promotion strategies, music video quality etc. It’s literally very difficult for their songs to reach ground level and the suburbs with little or no promo, both online and off site.

Rachel Burks (Shareholder New Bell Music)

It is worthy to note that, this label has one of the best rappers, Tata, producers, sound engineer, in the name of Jovi, directors Ndukong and female singer Reniss not forgetting Rachel Burks and L’or in the entire nation. Their manager Sulljah Man is also an outstanding individual. Unfortunately, the fans have been expecting more than the label is giving out. Some I spoke to have lost interest. Others still believe and hold on tight. Well we hope they catch back their feelings and pay attention to their favorite label.

Rome they say wasn’t built in a day, but for an old broom like New Bell Music, it shouldn’t be Rome but paradise today.

Are you a New Bell Music fan? Tell us what you think. Has your label made an impact already with its previous 2018 releases?

Victor Kange