When I hear ‘power couple’ I inevitably start thinking of Beyonce and Jay-Z and I am sure that applies to a lot of other hip-hop fans around the world. They have proven to be a very unshakeable force and as such it is quite logical that they are the first names that will come to anyone’s head when ‘power couple’. Cameroonian entertainment is still growing, everybody knows that. But if at the beginning of this year Cameroonian entertainment was a toddler, now she will be a teenager on the highway to adulthood as we have noticed a tremendous growth in the entertainment sector of Cameroon especially in music, thus it is no surprise that it is from this music sector that Cameroonian showbiz is about to get its own ‘power couple’. I could ask you to guess, but I know that with pictures of Salatiel and Daphne which just hit the web will alter your judgement and so I will just spare you the stress and reveal the two love birds. I am talking about “Balancer” crooner Ko-C and the pretty and super talented Yung Meagan. We got to discover that these two know each other during that famous 237showbiz live session with Ko-C, but at that time nobody suspected anything yet, but most recently the two love birds have been betraying each other’s feelings on social media and we all are away of that famous Instagram story whose screenshot travelled far and wide, there we the two rap stars very close to each other and the caption say “I love you even more and more each day” this was taken from Yung Meagan’s account. And you may now be wondering what makes them a ‘power couple’, apart from the fact that they are both very talented rappers with very bright futures, well, you might also know that a certain video vixen upon seeing the aforementioned screenshot got all dramatic and her sympathizers took to their various social media accounts to decry the injustice done to her by Ko-C. The claims have it that Ko-C was previously in a relationship with the video vixen who goes by name Jenistar Blanche and she got pregnant in the course of the relationship and got an abortion which almost ended her life, and also that she did so at the request of the rapper. Meanwhile a few months before this incident, this same video vixen took to Facebook to deny allegations of her being pregnant and as such the claims that Ko-C persuaded her to do away with a pregnancy he was responsible for have been the subject of a lot of skepticism. But despite all the dirt being thrown on Ko-C’s name lately, Yung Meagan’s admiration for the rapper seems to only grow as she has been seen flaunting the guy on her Instagram stories even more since the rumours surfaced. She should really be into Ko-C to be able to ignore all that is going on. We cannot say with certitude that we know the time the two started getting along with each other but their relationship seems to be quite new and yet it is already faced with an attack but yet they seem to be going on undisturbed. This is why I think they can be Cameroonian entertainment’s first power couple. What do you think about this? Drop your opinions in the comment section.