When it comes music video directing in Cameroon, Cameroonian music video director and film maker Mr. Adrenaline is a brand that will likely fall on everyone’s top 5 video directors. The South West Region of Cameroon’s Buea base director happens to be one of the first video directors who actually brought quality moving pictures in the Cameroon entertainment industry alongside the Dr. Nkengs, Adahs, Shammaks, Geraldricos and Merlin Carens just to cite a few.

However, with great observation from 237Showbiz.com and some worried fans, the Nanga Mboko director seems to be losing his spot in the music video directing game as several artistes who used to work with him are now shifting to others. What can be the case? We are aware of his relationship with award winning rapper Skidi Boy and after he shot the music video for Nanga Mboko, Skidi Boy had to go for another video director for his ”I No Dey Me Dey” visuals.

Also, Adrenaline has had a great time with Zion Records’ Meshi. Matter of fact, it’s unarguably true he has been riding with Meshi throughout her music journey so far until her label decided to go for the lens of Dr. Nkeng Stephens in her latest single ”Come For Me’‘ featuring LOCKO.

In addition, worried Adrenaline fans and music lovers think the director is wasting precious time which would have been used to do research and better his skills on his #TchakapTextSeries and Fictional Character Ricky Million.

Adrenaline is a talented music video director but is actually losing his spot in the market. Many might not see it clearly yet but it is gradually happening. Do I need to tell you even Stanley Enow went for Dr. Nkeng this time around for his Casanova video? The Salatiels, Mr. Leos and entire Stevens Music Entertainment.

In your opinion, what do you think the video director lacks? Do you think he is getting of the market? Please drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Victor Kange