Zone2Rap boss and only employee Maahlox Levibeur was guest number 2 after Stanley Enow for LIVE sessions that take place on 237Showbiz official Facebook page every Saturday. The rapper spoke for about an hour and one of the main points he focused on was the Cameroonian man and his mentality. He also spoke about fake artistes and people who succeed in awards shows and getting air played because they have relatives at top positions in government.

These are just a few of what the rapper dished out last Saturday. However, one thing that was able to grab my attention is when he spoke about how he is been maltreated as some group of officials are either trying to ban his song, shows and the fact that his music isn’t broadcasted in any major channel in Cameroon and beyond with Trace Africa being his main focus. Then he goes ahead to say

If any Cameroonian artistes is been treated the same way he is, their career wouldn’t last up to a week.

Although Maahlox isn’t seen in major TV channels, his concerts always witness a heavy turn out every time he steps out to perform. What is the magic?

The rapper also claims he is the only Cameroonian artiste who says NO to over 30 shows in a month”

If you ask me, I’ll say that’s some heavy work that comes with big money every month.

What is your take on this? Have you attended a Maahlox concert before? What is it like compared to those who are diffused on major TV channels?

Victor Kange