When it comes to citing the number of Cameroonian internationals who have love for their sport and interest in the music made in Cameroon, only a handful can be identified most especially in the domain of sports like football, Basketball and boxing. The likes of Alexandre Song and Maahlox is like a bread and jelly combination, Magasco and Fai Collins is another still in the making and finally Samuel Eto’o and X Maleya in the yesteryears and present day Tenor. These icons are the few i’m able to pick out and use simply because some or if not all of you must have seen them growing a stronger relationship together. The players feeling the music and supporting the industry one way or the other. I would have loved to mention Stanley Enow and former Cameroonian international and captain who just retired Benjamin Moukanjo but it was just once we all saw them and the bond vibe really intense. Another good relationship is Kadji and Jovi although it has always been virtual.

When Football Meets Music, The Goal Is A Hit!

Coming back to our main focus, Tenor, Samuel Eto’o and, Maleya we shall try to analyse why there became a sudden switch of love from the Cameroonian group X Maleya to the youngster Tenor. Last year February 2017, X Maleya which happens to be arguably the biggest group in the Cameroonian music industry celebrated 10 Years of Their Music Career. It is worthy to note that throughout these years, the former Barcelona footballer and four time African Footballer of the year Samuel Eto’o has been in support of the group morally, spiritually and even financially, that’s certain. Their relationship is/was very strong and the exchange of love for music and football by both parties is/was extraterrestrial. Eto’o has always been there to support X Maleya be it in cameo appearances or by pulling attendance in concerts by doing video adverts for shows etc. Later on, it seemed as if the delivery address of the Samuel Eto’o goody bag slowly changed due to the advent of Tenor. Although Samuel Eto’o didn’t just leave X Maleya out there in the cold cause he still supports them, but from all indications the baby (Tenor) seemed to be needing more attention and care than his grannies (X Maleya)

Did Tenor Snatch Samuel Eto’o From X Maleya? This is the €60.000 question.

Samuel Eto’o’s son Etienne X Tenor

Tenor X Eto’o

At the age of 18, Tenor’s career as a rapper under his former record label War Machine to everyone who could spot success miles away happened to be one of the fastest growing rap careers in the Cameroonian music industry. One can’t really tell what fanned the flames of this “bromance” between the rapper and the footballer but at the age of 18, if you are that talented and can make the first lady Mme Chantal Biya of this country, the Minister of Communication H.E Issa Tchiroma other dignitaries and thousands of people stand on their feet and dab, then you need not only love from Samuel Eto’o but the whole starting 11 of F.C Heaven with Jesus being the captain, God the coach. The footballer surprised the rapper on stage in August 18 2018 at the multipurpose sports complex in Yaoundé. This gesture is also a clear indication of support.

It is evident that Samuel Eto’o fell in love with the teenager at the time, and since he had held the hands of X Maleya for over 10 years and counting, he has decided to hold the hand of another. We’re sure the X Maleya group will also grab the hands of another youngster and as Samuel Eto’o lets go of Tenor’s, he shall hold the hands of another youngster while Tenor searches for his to hold and that’s how to form a Hold Hands Movement. Don’t be shocked if your hand is held next.

Victor Kange