Crypto Trading on Yellow Card using Mobile Money

We have all heard people around us discuss cryptocurrency. If not, we have come across the word in an ad as we surf the internet. Within a globalized context, owning a digital currency appears to be a necessity. Buying bitcoin is important because it is a form of investment and can be used for the payment of goods and services at any time. Despite this importance, the purchase of bitcoin is challenged by a number of factors in regions whose currencies are not pegged to the bitcoin.

Challenges faced to purchase Crypto with local currencies:
Buying bitcoin in countries that do not use fiat currencies to which the bitcoin is pegged could be very time consuming and vexing and at times impossible. This is the case with most African countries like Cameroon where using XAF is simply rejected when Bitcoin users attempt signing up or trading on exchange platforms.

Also, extremely high charges that are incurred when you trade XAF to bitcoin is dissuading. This makes believers to simply pull back or be reluctant to invest in Cryptocurrency.

The diversification of cryptocurrencies raises the need to purchase bitcoin with XAF and later on trade it with another digital currency like stable coin makes most Cameroonian bitcoin believers see this as a means to use bitcoin as a store of value.

Moreover, if bitcoin can be bought with XAF, it could permit the owners to purchase goods and services in enterprises within and out of Africa that authorize payments with bitcoin.

Lastly, trading bitcoin for local African currency is a sure path to intra-African trade and by extension, the birth of a single African market, whose benefit to the African economies need not be overemphasized.
Therefore, Yellow Card comes in to make cryptocurrency trade with XAF a reality.

The Yellow Card platform makes it possible to exchange XAF for crypto easily without extra fees. But that’s not all. We also make multiple payment options available like MoMo so that anyone anywhere can easily buy crypto to use for whatever reason.

How to trade cryptocurrencies using Mobile Money
Yellow Card offers the easiest way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether instantly at the best rates with zero fees using the XAF. The trading process can be done using Mobile Money following three simple and practical steps.

1- Create an account
Sign up for an account on the web or our mobile apps for Android and iOS with your basic info. It’s quick and easy.
2- Fund your account
Choose your preferred payment method (Bank transfer, Mobile Money) to deposit money into the yellow Card account for the purchase of your bitcoin.
3-Buy or sell Crypto

At this stage, you will choose to buy bitcoin using XAF from your mobile Money account
With Yellow Card, trading Crypto with XAF using Momo permits you to buy bitcoin with amounts as low as 1000 XAF. From the comfort of your home or office follow the steps above and fund your bitcoin wallet with no stress. In reality, the difficulties encountered in the past have been resolved entirely.

Therefore, as we continue to experience a rapidly evolving world, Yellow Card continues to make it a duty to bring financial inclusion to everyone wherever they are.

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