Afrimma Awards have a reputation for prestige among all artistes on the African continent. No artistes in Africa generally and Cameroon particularly can safely say he or she has never fancied an Afrimma Award, if not all then, there are not until a handful. Well, the nominees for the prestigious award were released a few days ago and as it is voting has already begun. There were quite a lot of Cameroonians on the shortlists and this should prove that the entertainment industry in Cameroon is growing. But, the list of nominees has been received in Cameroon with mixed feelings, a lot of people are wondering now more than ever  how the nominations are being done and this controversy is mainly coming up due to the nomination of some artistes who according to fans and some stakeholders in the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry do not merit a spot on the list of nominees for the prestigious award, notable among such artistes are Gasha and Numerica. Gasha  is nominated on the category of Best Central African Female Artistes and Numerica is nominated for Best Central African Male and Best Francophone, these two have all done great with their careers but consistency has never been their strong point. Even though they both have released music this year, a lot people do not believe they are meritorious of a nomination for such a prestigious award.
 Another issue that struck controversy among fans is the nomination of Tenor in the category of Best New Comer, the rapper who went from an unknown kid to the “Do le dab” hit maker to Cameroon’s first urban artistes to sign for Universal Music Africa and as such very few people understand why he should be still called a new comer. We remember that last year Afrima Awards still came under the light with a lot of criticism when Montess was announced as the Best Central African Female Artiste.
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