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Alléluia – Don’t Give up!

Charlotte, NC, Jan 29, 2019: Steven’s Music Ent. announces the release of a brand-new single from Daphne their flagbearer. Having just ended the year with a mini European tour, Daphne is excited to start off 2019 with a bang! With “Alleluia”, Daphne brings the church into the streets and clubs. Of note, she started singing in the church and so it is only natural for her to deviate to religious themes in her music.

To bring out the magic in the song, Daphne teamed up with producer extraordinaire “Philbillbeats”, whom she had worked with in her early days in the industry, to bring you a beat that will literally make you jump and sing “Alleluia”. We have come to expect angelic vocals from Daphne and once again, she delivers. The lyrics are inspirational and full of praise especially when she sings:

“auhjourd’hui je suis en haut they feel me now, all around the world ma music play they hear me now… dans la joie dans la paix tu étais la…quand les enemies m’ont attaqué to etais la …Alleluia”

To add panache and ensure that this song gets the endorsement of the streets, Daphne called on the services of label mate Boy TAG. His delivery on the track is effortless as he rhymes:

“My enemies listen up, you be think say ma own be dong finish… greatness is what I was made off, blessings abundant…. Yahweh le tour si tu a fait fort”.

Daphne and Boy TAG have that Bonny and Clyde vibe and we hope they do more songs together.

Alleluia” is a timely pause in the Daphne’s Love story theme songs and follows the release of “Ne Lâches Pas” which was also a song of inspiration for her fans.

[“Alleluia” is the perfect follow up to “Ne Lâches Pas”. It’s what you get when you believe…success comes your way and you can praise the lord. Daphne is showing a lot of maturity in her song writing and release choices] CFX (producer)

The video for “Alleluia” was shot by Dr. Nkeng Stephens. The camera wizard made a simple but fitting video for the song, bringing out the dance moves that will become synonymous with the song. Daphne blesses her fans with the visuals of “Ne laches pas” seeing as “Alleluia” is the perfect follow up to that song.

So once again, the fans will have two videos from Daphne to add to their growing collection of her music. You will love the Video for “Ne Lâches pas”. Mr. “we take another shot” went all out shooting this video with the effects and the acting. Both videos have that signature clean look that has become Dr. Nkeng’s signature and we are hoping you will love them both.

Alleluia” (Audio/ Video) and “Ne Lâches pas” (video) will be released on January 31 2019 and will be available on all SME digital platforms and on all major digital distribution channels (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc.)

“This is my second double video release. I am excited to see what the fans think of them” Daphne.

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