Makossa! The pride of Cameroonian Music!

Is this a genre we want to let go because Pop Music and Afrobeats sell more nowadays? Why can’t our artistes make reference to this genre and fuse it with modern day music to keep it alive ?

The term Makossa which means “I Dance” is the Duala Language originated from a dance called “Kossa“. The genre was recorded and played as early as the 1950s, but some of its Legends Eboa Lotin and Manu Dibango most especially popularized it in the 1970s with the hit song Soul Makossa.

The chorus of the song “Mamako Mamasa Mako Makossa” was later used by Michael Jackson in his song “Wanna Be Starting Something” in 1983, also, Colombian superstar Shakira sampled and brought Makossa to the international stage with popular song by Golden Sounds “Zangalewa” (Zamina Mina Zangalewa) is this a genre we should let go so easily ?

Some Cameroonian new school artistes are bridging the gap between Makossa and Pop Music in terms of releases. In order to keep the genre alive, a good number of Cameroonian artistes are collaborating with some of Makossa’s living legends today. Although most of the songs are not released yet, a good number of those released were widely acclaimed and are smashing hits and club bangers till date.

Head of Gophmen, Fhish joined forces with the Legendary Longue Longue and since then our speakers have not been able to take a deep breathe. It has been constantly banging! As Cameroonians like “Njoh” there’s no way they tend to slow down any time soon.

Mayor of the Punchline District Mic Monsta blessed us with Local Lokito from the album Vibes Clinic. In it, he culled out some Makossa chants from Les Black Styl’s “Mwassa” by the Legendary Nkotti Francois. 

Also, Sessua Entertainment songbird Bel’Yv carries the Makossa batten further as she samples Dina Bell’s Sophie while delivering it from the female point of view. She teams up with legend himself and their delivery is exceptional.

Lastly, Lionn Entertainment Oba, Gomez came and burst speakers with his brand new release titled “Gokoma Vibe” featuring Makossa OG Hugo Nyame. Gomez and Hugo Nyame join forces as they but sample Hugo’s “Pardon Madame” and fuse it with some new skool rhythm.