The proverb Call a spade a spade is what gave us the guts to pull off most of our articles you’ve read on this amazing platform. Let’s be honest, it is visible and unarguably true that entertainers of the Cameroon music industry in particular belong to a clique or group they tend to work solely in. Although some have managed to create contacts and merge, the strategies aren’t helping.

Everyday, we preach unity, togetherness and Holding Hands. None of such has been put into practice. How is it obvious entertainers work in a clique? (Man Know Man). First things first, artistes in New Bell Music tend to work only within the label. No one has been let in or out for either a collaboration or even accepted to share a stage with other artistes. How can we grow with such policies? It seems some are willing to take over whereas others are just contented with the peanuts that brings forth the crumps under the table.

Another clique is the Buea Superstars clique, where we see artistes from Alpha Better Records hooking up with Akwandor, Nkeng Stephens, Stevens Music and Ambe of RedEye Group. Lately, we can observe a little exposure from Buea to Empire Company of Pit Baccardi c/o of Magasco. Ask yourself, must it be Mr. Adrenaline the video director of Tzy Panchak and Skidi Boy Videos? Why can’t power change hands. If its not Ndukong on Jovi’s videos, its Regis Talla on Maahlox’s.

Furthermore, Motherland Empire. Their clique seems to be the international standard, sealing collaborations in and out of Africa, forgetting that Cameroon still has grass in its door steps needing uprooting.

The diaspora seems to be another clique. Artistes there find it hard to collaborate with their fellow colleagues in Cameroon. We’ve heard complaints ad such from many artistes in the diaspora.

Lastly, the upcoming artistes. This is another clique created unknowingly. The fact that they are often neglected, little or no finances automatically places them in a group of struggling career builders.

When will Cameroonian entertainers come together? Are the promoters, event planners, fans and bloggers working in vain? Its high time someone stepped up and bring us all together. Cameroon music is on a stretcher, we all have a chance to connect and plug in the life support.

Should we dissolve all cliques in order to evolve?

Victor Kange