When cover arts and pictures of the New Bell Music Compilation EP Tropical Vibes Vol 1 and La Sauce hit maker RENISS began flooding the internet, millions of ears worldwide began itching as fans of New Bell Music couldn’t wait to have a taste of what their favorite team of musicians had to set on the table.

Ambiance by Tata who invited RENISS seems to be the most appreciated amongst all because the traditional rapper had to mix some Pidgin English and his normal vernacular to make it more spicy and at the same time showing us his versatility.

RENISS on her part dropped her Face 2 Face contribution on the EP. thoughts.

Although a lot of talks has been going on as to why she seems to have lost a bolt after the tighter mechanism which generated power to bring forth the ‘La Sauce‘ tune.

Rachel, female singer and partner to Jovi on her part also stepped on the EP with the track UCU. just like DJ Petit Piment, I think she needs that extra ‘Cameroonisation’ (I’m not sure that word exists) but making music in a label loved mostly by a people with the afro culture, many think her music is more westernize. I don’t know if that’s a setback but she needs some “Petit Piment” to spice up er melody. Maybe “DJ” can help. They’re both white.

As for Jovi, a lot of people are confused with his sudden change of style and rhythm as he has been singing a lot in his last 4 singles. They miss the rapper they look up to for punchlines and bars, if Jovi is now turning to singing, then almost all rappers will follow the likes of Stanley Enow, Ice Prince and Phyno who switched to singing.

On the compilation EP, he made the song titled inside.
The EP is just one day old and its available for online streaming on YouTube and costs a total of $3.99 on bandcamp.com

Many of you have streamed, bought, listened and have different views about the project et al.

Question is, should New Bell Music continue with this project by dropping a volume 2 or everyone should just click the default settings and go back to their various roles? Are the artistes pushing the right buttons? Who lost his or her touch?

The comment section awaits your thoughts. You can stream their EP here..


Victor Kange