A Man in his 60s gets stabbed to death in Obala infront of his wife and Children .

What happened ?

According to his child , Severine Ndobo attended a wedding and while returning home with his wife and child , they were being followed by a mysterious man

They had been followed by him for long until Mr Ndobo pulled over, went out of his car and asked the man why he has been following them .

This Mystery Man without giving a response removed a knife and stabbed Mr Ndobo to death in broad day light.

This Assassin was immediately given a “Snake Beating ” by the population . Luckily for him , the Gendarmes of the area quickly intervened as they took him into custody.

Investigations are currently going on regarding the Assassination of Mr Ndobo as the Gendarmes are looking for reasons why the Assassin committed such a crime .

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