It seems to be a recent trend in the Cameroon music industry for artists to leave their record labels and fly solo. This has been the case with Pascal who left New Bell Music for Strange Kings and has once again left. Mic Monsta in a similar manner packed his bags from Kreef Entertainment just a few while after dropping is EP title: Mic Monsta the EP.

As the new year starts, solo artist Mic Monsta dropped a very touching love song title No No  produced by Dj Glenny which gives goosebumps to his fans and listeners. What is probably worth noting in this song is that Mic’s style has completely changed. He comes with a new style and gives us a perfect love song. It is a two verse song which carries a lot of powerful messages. It is a masterpiece that addresses probably one of the realest issues of today’s society which is women and their love for money.When the song starts we hear Mic crying and asking his lover why she had to treat him in such a manner.  He tells her that he gave her his heart, gave her a home and even gave her a car. Despite the fact that she is well aware of the fact that he is deeply in love with her and has proven this many times, she still takes all of these things and leaves him. She is the kind of girl who is never at home especially at nights. While Mic Monsta is sleeping alone at home, his lover is parading the streets and moving from one bar to another. In fact he even tells us that the kind of life she lives is almost like everyday is a weekend. He is fed up and thinks the relationship should come to an end. He likens his lover to the famous karashika who was a popular character in a Nigerian movie of the 90’s who was an extremely flirt and always moves from one man to another all for the sake of money. To extort more money from him she lies about her parents being sick justso he can give her more money.

In the second verse Mic continues to tell us how he felt for this girl. It is very obvious he is still very much in love with her but her character does not permit him to want to be with her anymore. He is now ready to give up. This lady has a lot of flaws. For example she likes to do make up and a lot of “nyanga” yet she has an empty head like he says “you carry nyanga for head, sense no first dey you for tete”. Despite all these flaws, he still loved her and was proud of her. Had her pictures all over his timeline, thereby showing her to the world as his girl. They had a lot of good times before she revealed her true colors.

Personally, I consider this a master piece because it hits  the nail straight into the head. This is Mic’s own way of telling his fellow boys out there to be weary of the kind of girls they fall in
love with and take to their home. He is telling us beauty is not all that matters. If a woman is beautiful on the outside and has no inside beauty then she is not worth all the stress. I believe we can all testify to this powerful message and his delivery. It is quite an amazing way to start the new year. Let us know your own thoughts about the song. Listen and download below and do not forget your comments will be much appreciated.

Happy new year fam!

by Teddy Krash (#ReviewGuru)