Blu Nation Super Star Tzy Panchak delivers one of the best musical projects out of Cameroon this year titled I’m not lucky the EP. This EP comprises of 12 singles in which he cuts across cultural boundaries and delivers in his usual smooth and suave style.

  1. Ishalobade (produced by Slimbeatz)
    The EP opens with a soothing prayer line number. Tzy Panchak appreciates God for standing by him throughout his career. Also, he asks for more blessings and guidance
  2. Allo (Produced by Slimbeatz)
    Ever the lover boy, Tzy conveys love to his lady through a plea. This is made visible as he persistently requests her to pick up her telephone and talk to him.
  3. Woman crush (produced by MOG Beatz)
    This one is for the ladies. Here, Tzy has his sight sets on a new girl who’s got his heart beating 4 times faster. In a move to lure her into his arms, he promises her heaven and earth. Promising to take care of her, her fees and everything in between.
  4. Romantic (Produced by Boy Karl)
    Mr. Romantic seeks to re affirm Tzy’s position as undoubtedly the maestro of Afro love songs.
  5. Bless Me. (produced by Mr. Lee)
    In a show of gratitude and love for Gods blessings, he applauds the most high for making him soar over evil, having a successful career and living out his dreams.
  6. Praise and worship (produced by MOG Beatz)
    In this semi gospel song, he utilizes the beauty and intrigue of a young lady and likens his love for her, to the joy of a praise and worship service at church.
  7. I’m not lucky (produced by Mr. Lee)
    The up-tempo track is a resolution and public service announcement, clearly highlighting the fact that he’s highly favored and all he has comes from God and high work. Not shortcuts and laziness
  8. Mon Bebe (produced by dj Mekzy)
    Here, Tzy expresses his inner most wishes vis a vis his lady. Promising to take her round the world and fulfilling her deepest fantasies as well.
  9. Brand New (produced by Mr. Lee)
    This beautiful soft piece revolves around Tzy’s lady whom he applauds for stealing his heart. In the process, she has also rejuvenated him. Thereby making him brand new
  10. Gold digger. (Produced by MagicFingers)
    As the name implies, he talks about a lady who was with him for all the wrong reasons. Her tactics come to an end and as she leaves him, he begins to see his career and life unfold for the better.
  11. Suwelemba ft Dora Decca (produced by Emile Ngomba)
    Old school meets new school!
    A wonderfully crafted love sensation which simply leaves u wanting more. Tzy and Dora tell a love story of trail, difficulties and not letting go. Told in the Duala language and English, Its a perfect mix of cultural diversity
  12. Open letter/Outro (produced by Magic Fingaz)

In this number Tzy preaches love and unity. He believes those are very important factors the industry needs to grow. We pray this new year we all learn to love and support each other.

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Enjoy this amazing work of art from Blunation stables. God Bless you and Happy new year!. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Eliane Achu at 694347633 or email at