It’s been close to 2 weeks now that rumors have been flying around that Cameroonian Rapper Mic Monsta signed to Kreef Ent has Quit the US Based Label/Media platform. Since then we have not had any official press release or Confirmation from Kreef Ent. as both Ladies in charge Ebangha Njang and Eva Ndumbe have decided not to utter or give a single word to the Media concerning this Issue. so i decided its time to do some detective work.  I and my very Trusted Anonymous source got into Work to give you the full information on what was happening at Kreef Entertainment.

Molua Alous Mosima  Known by Many as Mic Monsta is a Cameroonian rapper who got signed to the label/Media Entertainment platform Kreef Entertainment in 2015. Kreef was  founded by two Powerful Ladies  Ebangha Njang and Eva Ndumbe and Mic Monsta was the first artist that was ever signed to the label/media platform.

According to my trusted source Mic monsta signed a 5 year Record deal with the Label,  and  the label paid for  his Lodging (Well Furnished 2 bed room Apartment in Buea) with an undisclosed monthly allowance. Within a time span of 3 years  Kreef Entertainment has been able to Release a Video for King Kong cover  featuring Crispy , Fear , Kwatta State of Mind( KSOM)Freedom Of Speech, and financed his recently released project Mic Monsta The EP.

According to my source,  all was well in the Kreef entertainment house, Untill in 2017 when Mic changed from the humble kid he was and started getting things over his head and would even be disrespectful to Eva and Ebangha. As Months passed by  things got sour because of some disagreement that Eva was on Mic’s side but Ebangha wasn’t and since Ebangha mostly calls the shot everything went left and Ebangha was loosing hope in him,  but Eva  kept on trying to make things work. According to my source, Mic  never recorded songs as much as was expected , so Ebangha thought he was lazy but Eva understood that it’s the strike  issue.

With time Ebangha being fed Up with the attitude and laziness  told Eva  some months ago that she dont want to put her money on Mic again cos Mic wasn’t doing much to make them feel like they are not wasting their time either. Ebangha told Eva they should let him go but Eva didn’t want to  so she kept trying to make things work. Eva realized it was too late for things to be right when Ebangha already got a solo artist she’s working on and he’s a singer, according to rumors Ebangha is planning to sign the artist under her  Sa Majesté Magazine.

it should be noted that Ebangha is known to be very difficult and has a strong attitude problem so Little things just turns her off really fast while Eva is the  nice and understanding one so there is a very high probability that  Eva will manage Mic  on her own because according to my source Ebangha don’t want anything  to do with Mic again.

With all these,  Mic too felt like nobody is doing much for him because nothing is happening so he decided to Quit eventhough Kreef was waiting for him to make it official so that it looks like he left  in other not to spoil his brand for the next label or sponsor.

The Climax was seen some months back when “When I Blow” video  was already in the Works but Ebangha  decided to put a halt on it. Since the two ladies make up Kreef, Eva too can’t do It alone so  it was clear Ebangha didnt want to invest anymore, so she asked him to leave. My source also has it that, the Kreef Founders reached out to him so they can do a collective press release  but the rapper hasnt sent a reply till date.

About a week ago,  The Rapper sent out a tweet going thus New chapter! new Journey! New songs coming ur way .” which  was  in reality a strong proof that the Rapper had left his label.  According to my Source Mic has created his own label  titled Kwata Music.
So now it’s clear Mic is no longer affiliated to kreef, Will Mic be able to make it on his own? leave your comments below.
Written by:
Emmanuel Mfon(#TrendGuru)