Buea based Video Director Dr Nkeng stephens releases a short inspiring film titled Migration. The Video covers a Storyline of a Young Boy who has a dream and vision for his life and community. He dreams of a day  his community will be secured, but unfortunately he has to fight  to survive in an immense and most adverse condition which is surrounded by terrorist attacks. Due to the attacks the boy is left with no option than to run for his life and migrate to a new place. The Video depicts the everyday struggle in most countries surrounded by war whereby only the strong can survive. Nowadays  we are faced with attacks from deadly terrorist groups like Boko Haram, Isis ..etc which by so doing leads to a drastic increase in the migration rate, from the areas which are affected. Dr Nkeng is an amazing Talent, he has expanded his expertise from Music videos to Short Movies, and projects like this  cant go unnoticed. He has submitted the video above for the lseiga contest, support him by voting here—> https://chainy.com/contests/lseiga/submissions/0dacf120-4249-40c0-be10-560b9eb68513

Enjoy and drop your comments about the Short Film below!!!