“Tu est mon plus beau cadeaux, mon koki, mon plat de gombo, tien mon coeur sur plateau, je vais te donner mes dohs”. If you remember those lines  then you probably have heard of or listened to the one time Cameroonian urban music sensation Duc-Z. He made his way to our playlists and hearts when he released his hit single “African Mamy” that was probably the biggest hit of 2012 as it brought a whole lot of attention to the Artist who some people said was just adventuring into music for fun. His hit single got him on the big stages with big names and several collaborations notably with Pit Baccardi and Singuila and his career seemed to be going just the right way, he could already be earmarked as one of those artistes who will serve as flag bearers of Cameroonian Entertainment to the entire world. But what went wrong? The last time Duc-Z made any news was in 2017 when he dropped “C Facil” in collaboration with Mink’s and Askia followed by his wedding. Since then he has long gone into limbo. Where is Duc-Z? A young man who probably was the most promising talent of his time and rose to great fame in a short while but now can only be remembered as a very good example of a one hit wonder. What do you think happened to Duc-Z?