It is often said that before you offer to clean up another man’s mess in his house, do well to ensure that yours is already clean.

BlueBerry City’s finest Kikoh Calamity is one of Cameroon’s upcoming rappers who have been serving fans with good raps and choruses. It is unarguably true that his onetime hit single Mukum which was produced by Pazzo SangTum is what brought him to the frontline of Camer rap. Mukum to many is said to be the song by the rapper with the most locked in bars. Fusing English language, French, Franc-Anglais and Pidgin English. His 7 episodes of his Calamity Cypher Series also earned him in spot in one or two classifications by most music lovers in 2017.

Unfortunately, things seem to have taken a twisted turn when the rapper began adding more “singing” in his raps. For example songs like Deposer and Ngrimba haven’t made the waves one would’ve expected them to. I don’t know if it is because there weren’t enough bars released by one who is said to be know for causing Calamity.
Kikoh puts in more work in other artistes songs than his recently. His chorus on Ngoma’s Mangosi hit featuring Nernos was certainly off the hook. I for one think that was the key to that hit. Also, his verse was very well served, hot and till date, vapour still rises from it.
Lastly, his recent contribution on July’s For Your Mind Remix featuring Mic Monsta is another reason to conclude he is giving out to others more than he could keep for himself. I can’t say he’s being generous, but at this point of his career, he needs to tighten his generous hands.

Victor Kange