On his recent vacation to Kribi, Dijay Karl felt particularly inspired by his new environment and transcended this new found inspiration into a series of classic instrumentals. These instrumentals are an audible representation of all the creative juices that were triggered by his exposure to the beauty of the little town of Kribi, with its beautiful white sandy beaches and fresh quiet surroundings. In the course of the production, he went directly for what his sentiments whispered to him, not conforming to any particular kind of music production. What you hear today is the result of a deep connection between his inner creative self and the Kribi environment. These instrumentals are available for everyone to feel free to express their unmasked musical genius. They are intended for both the novice and the professional alike. It’s in the nature of KBHOODMUZIK to share love and positive vibes, this is just one way of expression that. We strongly believe that music is a great tool to unite and bring out the best in the world and we continue to uphold to this believe because it’s the primary reason we are into this adventure.

Listen and download below


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