Entertainment has been one of the areas in Cameroon which have been making massive surge down the years . If one were to take a look  a few years back you will definitely realize entertainment has blossomed  to something which could give Cameroonians  a whole lot future promises . The Cameroonian movie industry has been the fore player in this revolutionary journey . However, the movie industry has  been catapulted by some  individuals through endless handwork and organisations like CAMIFF which has so far influenced the Cameroonian cinema  in a positive way.

The Cameroon international  film  festival (CAMIFF)  has been  pivotal in making the Cameroonian film industry cultural and economically richer through partnership with top corporate brands, which host a yearly showcase of Cameroonian and international films . Cameroon International Film Festival is a forum which completely displays and enhance Cameroonian involvement in the world of film making. An event which requires the participation of  actors, directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors, light engineers, students, equipment manufacturers and media  in a festival that will entail a workshop and training to raise the standard of the industry .

Cameroon International Film Festival(CAMIFF) has been making unbelievable strife in bringing exposure to Cameroonian movie industry , partnering with other movies industries world wide  and the mega African film promotion TV  AFRICAN MAGIC which was present at the CAMIFF 2016. The next Cameroon international film festival is slated for 24th to 29th April 2017 in Buea South West region, an event that will welcome superstars from all over the globe powered by Mr Agbor Gilbert Ebot the event initiator. Camiff2017  will be pregnant with a lot of suprises from the organisers dont miss this for anything, make it a date.

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