Hello 237showbees, once more we bring to you one of our own stars and this time around is none other than Wax Dey who turned a year older last week Thursday, 9th May. So today we discover him as he has never been seen before in 5 Things You Did Not Know About Wax Dey.

1. He Cooks: Wax Dey loves cooking, and uses it as a means to ease stress. His favourite dishes to cook are Ndole and fried beans and Eru. He also loves to make lasagne and Chicken and Garlic pasta. He complains that most of the pasta he eats in Africa is overdone – pasta should have some crunch to it as it retains more flavour that way and is healthier for weight watchers.

2. He Is A Writer: Wax Dey is an avid writer, and has loved literature from early years. He read his first novel “The Gods are not to Blamed” by Ola Rotimi at age 4, and at 14, he began work on his first book, which he completed at 16. It was called “Chosen One”,and it has been used to teach English in South African public Schools (Grade 11) and African Literature at the University of Limpopo. He made his first cheque in South Africa as a writer of short stories for DRUM magazine and the Southern African Short Story Review. He recently revealed on Facebook that he is working on his second book, entitled “The Moot“.

3. He Is A Product Of M1 Studios Buea: Wax Dey is also a product of M1 Studios in Buea; he met Emile Ngomba at 17 and remained under his tutelage for two years. Emile Ngomba recorded his first demo “Ali Gets His Arms“, and that song later became his first official release (available on iTunes).

4. He Is A Lover Of Jazz: WaX Dey is a great lover and listener of jazz music, and once had his own jazz band that consisted of a Congolese bassist, Cuban percussionist, white South African drummer, Congolese (DRC) pianist, English electric guitarist, and himself as guitarist and vocalist. The band recorded a live jazz album called “African Soul” in 2008 (Available on iTunes). African Soul, the title track, was featured on South Africa’s official WOMEX (World Music Expo) jazz compilation, along with another song “Masechaba” performed by South African singer, Peggy Matseke, and written and produced by Wax Dey. The band made another live recording “Miss Real, Mr Regular” (a mix of jazz and RnB) in 2009 before splitting, and it became his first commercial success . It also was one of the first Cameroonian songs to be played on MTV and Trace, and featured on the 2010 World Cup Team Classification ceremony playlist, as well as SONY Music’s 2010 African All Stars compilation.

5. He Teaches: Wax Dey comes from a family of teachers – his dad is a teacher, his mom is a teacher, and most of his aunts and uncles are teachers. His dad wanted him to become a teacher, but he chose to follow another path. However, he recently revealed that he has lectured law at the University of Pretoria in South Africa before, and intends to teach at the University of Buea (his alma mater) one day.

Thanks for being with us, please share your opinions on these things we did not Wax Dey and catch you next week at the discovery of another celebrity.

Written by:

Emmanuel Asafor