Birth Name: Patrick Atud Atud Fokobo

Stage Name: Paddy Foks

Date of Birth: 1/09/92Paddyfoks

Occupation : Singer/Rapper/Song Writer/T.V presenter/Business Man.

Patrick Atud Atud Fokobo (born 1st sept, 1992) better know by paddy wyte his previous stage name that was changed to  Paddy foks after the lost of his Father.
Paddy foks is a Cameroonian up coming Artist who was born and raised in Molyko,Buea.
Paddy Foks is currently working with Schengen Black Movement (S.B.M) a movement which has talent development as one of thier objectives.  The founder of S.B.M  Mr. Ayala Bertrand a family friend and  one time Neighbour, at the begining of the year 2016 graced Paddy 1with a sponsorship deal.  Paddy Foks before this comes from a small lebel (Bush4la Music)which he established in Namibia with his Nigerian friend Erhimua Solomon(dutty boi Y.T) not forgeting Xcon his pioneer group with Kelly B, Passy and Veno which is the past that that got him to this point.
Paddy Foks comes from a humble and noble home. A member of the Fokobo’s family . Paddy is the 5th of 7 children, a direct senior brother to Fabrice Fokobo Atud, a one time Cameroon National cadeth team captain.
Paddy Foks went to S.T.I.B.S Molyko,Buea where he was nicked name Papiyoung for staging cacoa cafe’ during an event in his Primary school time.
He later on went to St.Joseph’s college Sasse, B.G.S Lycee Buea, P.C.H.S Kumbo for his secondary and high school where he left a consistent record of an extracurricular student.  He always did well in activities like dancing in groups, Rapping and MCing events. He was very good at Athletic sports
And basket ball in which he always took awards for the domains of sports and entertainment.
He later travelled to Namibia after the lost of his Father Chief Fokobo Atud Francis where studied Media Studies(Mass Communication ) at the univisity of Namibia.  Meanwhile after in Namibia he decided to go back to his roots bringing out the music side of him, hustling and taking it professional

Music Career

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