Wilson Agbor Effa popularly known by his stage name Ma Rayzer is a Cameroonian folklore artiste who hails from both the Southwest Region and Center Region of Cameroon. His mother, originated from the Bayangi and his father is Ewondo. A blend of rich Cameroonian cultures.

Ma Rayzer was raised by his maternal grand mother from Bachou Ntai who inculcated in him the love of the Bayangi culture. His developed the love for music from his childhood at a very tender age. Being an introvert from childhood he found refuge in music but he never intended to go professional until 3 years ago when his friends and family persuaded him to make the world to discover his wonderful talent.

Ma Rayzer gained prominence after the release of his debut single 3 years ago entitled  “Nkap Kaka” He later on release “Ekong” another instant hit and “Newen“. Ma Rayzer unveiled his debut album tagged “Ancestors” a 10 track body of work which added weight and content to his rich and inspirational discography.

Ma Rayzer recently brought together both parental culture of the Southwest and Centre regions following hos collaboration for the song Ngore Manyang featuring Cameroon’s Bikutsi heavyweight artiste Lady Ponce. The rich cultural blend ha captured the hearts of many Cameroonian music lovers and the project had garnered the singer a good number of fans across the national territory.

He has always collaborated with the legend Bate Nico and the rising star Ayuk on the track “Nkap Kaka Remix
He is currently working to release another album some time this summer with a possible tome 2 with Lady Ponce.
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